Dr John Demartini Works To Inspire The Youth


World renowned author and leading expert on human behaviour Dr John Demartini is bringing his one day seminar ‘Inspired Destiny Programme for Young Adults’ to Australia in November. The programme has been designed especially for ages 15-25 and aims to assist them with overcoming challenges and helping them set their values.

Having left home a month and a half before his fourteen birthday, Demartini was homeless and recovering from a near death experience when he attended a talk being held by a motivational speaker that ultimately changed the course of his life.

“He spoke for one hour and made me believe that I could overcome my learning problems…. and do extraordinary things”.

Unable to read or write, Demartini read his first book at age 18 and with the assistance of his mother overcame his learning difficulties to complete his GED and has gone on to publish 40 pieces of literature and has read more than 30,000 books.

Demartini finds his young clients to be his greatest source of inspiration and enjoys providing them with the tools and methods to assist them with doing extraordinary things with their lives

“Just like the gentlemen who I met in my teens had certainty in me, I love finding capabilities in them that they do not even know that they have”.

Demartini has developed a value determination system that he utilises when he assesses his clients to determine their purpose.

“Every decision we make is based on what we believe will give us the greatest advantage over disadvantage at any moment and by helping them reflect deeply on what their life demonstrates and access their core values their lives will take off”.

A skilled orator, Demartini has spoken in over two thousand cities and believes that his message resonates with his audiences due to the sincerity of his experiences.

“If you speak congruently from your heart…. and you speak with gratitude it opens up the heart and inspires the mind”.

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Ranes Sangha is the director of Live Well Wisely Events. With a BSc in Psychology, MSc in Forensic Psychology and MA in Social Work Ranes became a Demartini Facilitator after having first hand experience of how it transformed her own life using Dr Demartini’s methodologies. Ranes uses the Demartini Method and Demartini Values training in corporate and personal development for groups and individuals. Ranes is dedicated to expanding human awareness and mind potential. Dr Demartini’s Inspired Destiny Program for Young Adults will empower the future generations of our collective tomorrow. Working together to Live Well Wisely and awakening the magnificence from within.

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  1. Cheryl Cook on December 17, 2018

    Amazing man. Amazing accomplishments. Thanks for all you do. We love you Dr. John or to us John. Cheri