ELLA FENCE ‘KNOWN BETTER’ available worldwide Friday October 16.

Ella Fence is an artiste who would rather make her own trail than follow a pre-ordained path. Ella is an extraordinary musician, she creates and sings of authentic, personalised experiences, avoiding tweet sized nonsense. She’s literate and sensory.

Ella’s new single ‘Known Better’ is unapologetically demanding and passionate. The song continues Ella’s creative, tactical withdrawal from the mainstream. ‘Known Better’ is lavish and spiritual.

There’s an intellectual scrutiny in Ella’s music but it’s neither condescending or overtly high brow -it’s accessible to all. Ella Fence breathes life into dead ideas and in her own inimitable style resurrects music creating sonic art that transcends trivialities and the mind numbingly banal. Ella’s work belongs high on the mantle piece of music, she encapsulates humble beauty and magnificent desires.

“I wrote this track when I was at a bit of a fork in the road, choosing whether to continue on in one direction, or pivot and create something new. I hope this song can be connected to by anyone who is on the precipice of a big decision”
– Ella Fence.

Ella Fence’s ‘Known Better’ is a rare find. Click here to listen now.

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