Emma Dykes may have spent years working as a Registered Nurse, but her most recent hospital interaction was as a patient, giving birth to her first-born child. And though being a new mum is keeping her all kinds of busy, she hasn’t been too busy to release her latest single, ‘This Nurse’.

‘When Matt Scullion and I sat down to write a song about my time as a nurse, we wanted to create an anthem, something that we could see nurses singing along to on their way home from a long shift, or around a jukebox while they let their hair down,’ says Dykes. ‘I think it captures the seriousness of the situations that nurses encounter, while touching on the sense of humour that allows nurses to continue to push through the emotion of the job.’

The touching, infectious dedication to our frontline workers couldn’t come at a better time, with many of them putting in huge efforts over the past few months while working through the Covid-19 pandemic. ‘We’ve all seen the sacrifices and efforts that our nurses make to look after our wellbeing,’ says Dykes, ‘and I’ve worked on the frontline through previous pandemics and I know how scary it can be. After being on the other side of the fence as a patient, while giving birth to my son, I definitely have a renewed perspective of what it means to be a nurse.’

‘This Nurse’ was recorded with Matt Fell at Love Hz Studio in Sydney. An industry-leading producer, Fell has previously worked with some of country’s biggest names including Shane Nicholson, The Wolfe Brothers and Sara Storer. He produced the entirety of The Riddle of Life, Dykes’s album from which this single is taken, with previously released tracks including the eponymous ‘The Riddle of Life’, which was #3 on the Australian Country Songwriters Top 40 Most Requested Songs for 2019.

‘This Nurse’ is even more relevant as the entire album is dedicated to Dykes’s dear friend and fellow nurse, Ric, who lost his battle with a brain tumour after a brave and courageous fight. ‘It’s something we can sing to nurses and show our support and thanks in one big musical high-five,’ says Dykes.

Speaking again about her recent experience giving birth, Dykes says ‘I had a huge struggle with anxiety throughout the experience but I’m so grateful for the patience and understanding shown to me by the nurses, midwives and doctors. I’m so grateful to all of the staff at Port Macquarie Base Hospital that ensured we left for home safely after caring for me through a long labour and an emergency caesarean.’

Given the current public health crisis, as well as Dykes’s new responsibilities, there are no shows locked in for the foreseeable future. ‘But,’ she says, ‘I’ll look at touring the album once coronavirus has settled and we are safe to take the bub on the road.’ Both fans and Dykes’s new son are no doubt excited for when that day comes.

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