EX ON THE BEACH Is Back For an Allstar Reunion!


Gary Beadle, Jordan Davies, Chloe Goodman, Jess Impiazzi, Ashley Cain and many more Ex alumni return!


After weeks of watching the dramas from filming roll out in the press all around the world, now it’s time to find out what really happened with the highly anticipated return of the MTV hit show, Ex on the Beach, on MTV Wednesday 17thAugust at 9.30pm.

Prepare yourself for one of the most controversial and tumultuous series ever, as we are throwing in not one, but 13 Ex on the Beach alumni; each with their own motive for returning. Whether it is to resolve unfinished business, exacting revenge or simply just stirring things up, this series is set to be the most EX-plosive to date. It’s safe to say there will be endless trouble in Thailand resulting in one very tangled, all-star love web.



Now, to meet the eight sexy singles:

First up, we have notorious ladies’ man Gary Beadle. Other than his on/off saga with Charlotte Crosby, the original top shagger has only had one serious relationship with Brummy babe, Lillie Lexie Gregg. They were together for two years, applied for a mortgage and he was completely faithful to her, apparently… Will the Geordie Shore veteran manage to keep his parsnip in his pants with his ex around?

Secondly, we have Chloe Goodman, arguably one of the biggest stars of Ex on the Beach, who made tidal waves in Series One. Who could forget her on/off relationship with Ashley Cain? Will her outspoken nature get her in more trouble this time round?

Ex on the Beach legend Jordan Davies is also back, but this time without his ex ‘mad Megs’ McKenna. Making up for lost time, Jordan is looking forward to getting back to his bad boy ways, and adding a few more chicken emojis to his long list of conquests.

Sweetheart Olivia Walsh made her debut in series four with ex James Moore (the soul mate who broke her heart and moved on to Ashleigh Defty during the show.) Loyal Olivia is back to prove she is now totally over it, and to get back out there!

Who could forget cheeky chappie Stephen Bear?! This Essex lad made his mark in series three, falling in love with Queen V and stirring the pot whenever and however he could. Will he be back to cause more trouble? Of course!

Jemma Lucy joined the show in series 3, and has since been in the middle of a number of scandals. With impressive tatts, tits and temper to boot, we can’t wait to see what dramas unfold in her presence.

Butter-wouldn’t-melt Jess Impiazzi, made her mark during the second series of Ex on the Beach. This gym bunny has since had a number of celebrity partners and was recently linked to the one and only, Charlie Sheen. Will this blue-eyed beauty know what to expect when she touches down onto the stormy sands?

Our final treat is trouble maker #2, in the form of firefighter, lifeguard and general unit Liam Lewis. Who can forget the antics he caused in series one? Back for more, will Liam keep his cool this time around or will he be setting the villa alight once more?

This series, get ready for total turbulence as the familiar faces not only crop up in the singles, but amongst the exes too! The list of exes includes the likes of Ashley Cain, Mel Reeves, Joss Mooney, Kayleigh McCarthy, Holly Rickwood and more! Be warned – each ex is back with scores to settles and they have no qualms about airing their dirty laundry (literally!)

The full list of exes is:
– Ashley Cain
– Lillie Lexie Gregg
– Joss Mooney
– Charlotte Dawson
– Kayleigh Morris
– David Hawley
– Melissa Reeves
– Holly Rickwood
– Conor Scurlock
– Aimee Kimber
– Alex Stewart

Stay tuned to find out more information on the exes including when they arrive, how they arrive, whose exes they are and their motive for returning.


AGE: 28

Gaz the notorious ladies’ man with the infamous parsnip is back! Bringing more tan, tears and tashin’ on than ever before, Gaz is determined to make the most of his time in the villa and continue the Buck Squad’s Ex On The Beachlegacy; following his previous appearance in series 2 and fellow Geordie, Scotty T’s Ex On The Beach debut in series 4.

Other than his on/off saga with Charlotte Crosby, the original top shagger has only had one serious relationship with Lillie Lexie Gregg. He was with the Brummy babe for 2 years and completely faithful to her, apparently. Will the Geordie Shore veteran keep his parsnip in his pants with his ex around?

Not one to take life too seriously, Gaz lives for the moment. He loves going out clubbing and is determined to make the most out of being young, free and single. Since being on Geordie Shore, women have thrown themselves at his feet everywhere he goes and he can literally take his pick so ‘banging birds’ is his hobby and he went into the villa expecting to continue in this manner.

If Gaz was running off to escape girl dramas, on the sunnier shores of the Ex On The Beach villa, he may be in for a surprise. Hope you’ve packed your swim shorts Gaz because this series may see you in deep water!


AGE: 22

Chloe has watched every episode of Ex On The Beach since she was in the first series and will be reunited with the sandy shores for series 5! The Southern stunner didn’t have any expectations before going into the house but thinks her temper may not come across well on screen – don’t worry Chlo, we’ve seen it all before!

Following her first appearance on Ex On The Beach, Chloe was on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 and has since been linked to famous footballers, but watch out lads she is now officially single and ready to mingle.

When it comes to dating, this alpha female cringes at the thought of guys getting too clingy and is used to being the one in control. If the men in her life don’t meet her very high standards, she has no problem cutting them loose.

As a regular on the London party scene, who will the Cameron Diaz’s bum double be showing off her moves to in the villa this time around?

Tune in to see who her next conquests are in the Ex On The Beach villa.


AGE: 23

Putting last season’s Jegan drama behind him, Jordan is freshly single and hungry to get back out there! The self-proclaimed ‘King of the Beach’ is no stranger to sun and sand after appearing on shows such as Magaluf Weekender and series 3 and 4 of Ex On The Beach.

Jordan is now finding it easier than ever to pull girls but will he be looking for love again this time round? Apparently never again. The Welsh wonder is now “1000% single” and will be back to show people that he’s happy and enjoying himself – perhaps adding a few more chicken emoji’s to that infamous list of conquests.

Becoming the real-life sun, sex and suspicious parent, Jordan’s Mum hates him misbehaving with girls and knows she won’t enjoy his antics on this series of Ex On The Beach! After admitting he regrets proposing on television last time, Jordan couldn’t care less what his ex thinks of him being back on the show and claims any stories told about him are “all lies”. “A nice guy that is fit as [email protected]*!” is how Jordan expects to come across on screen. Let’s see if that’s true on this series of Ex On The Beach.

Jordan’s impressive knowledge of ‘birds’ goes further than just the female variety though, sharing crazy facts such as ‘62 million chickens get eaten every day’. The 6”2 charmer is ready to flash that cheeky grin and irresistible dimples to win over more than just a few of the girls in the house.


AGE: 23

Olivia is back to prove she’s fixed that broken heart from last series! The bubbly, bronzed goddess maintains that she could never have a nightmare date, as she would just turn it into something funny. But will the tablet of terror prove her wrong this time around?
The self-proclaimed, full-time princess is making all the right moves to achieve her ambition of becoming a successful lingerie or glamour model, sunning herself in skimpy bikinis on the sandy shores of Ex On The Beach.

Whilst she thinks that her exes would describe her as a “moody, moaning bitch” and worries that girls think she’s weak, Olivia is back in the villa and more confident than ever. You go girl! Wanting to prove that she is a lot stronger than people think, Olivia will be trying to avoid situations that bring too much energy… let’s see how long that lasts Liv!

Expect to see all sorts of drama from Olivia on Ex on the Beach, as she finally lets her guard down and proves that she is well and truly over her ex!


STATUS: SINGLE (but not anymore!)
AGE: 26

Bear is back! After falling in and out of love in series 3 with Vicky P and also banging half of the villa before becoming the most hated, will Bear be getting his paws on any more lasses this series?!

The blue eyed heart throb claims he’s good at football and pulling but not much else, which explains his success with the ladies on the last series of Ex On The Beach!

His good looks partnered with his East London charm usually mean he’s a hit with the ladies though; declaring “these eyes hypnotise girls into a bear trance; spend half an hour with me and they fall in love.” This time he’ll be reunited with previous housemates and a few surprise faces for an all-star series!

Will any of the Ex on the Beach ladies be able to grab his attention for longer than a mini-date? Bear’s no stranger to being thrown into an unfamiliar environment with other like-minded good looking people as he appeared on Shipwrecked a few years ago but since then has been practicing his partying skills by completing two full seasons in Ibiza, before joining the Ex On The Beach family.

Last time he ruffled a few feathers, in more way than one. What will he get up to this time on Series 5 of Ex On The Beach? Tune in to find out.


AGE: 27

Her self-acclaimed unique selling points are her “tattoos and t*ts” and you’d better get ready to see a lot more of both as Jemma Lucy is back for Ex On The Beach series 5!

With rumours and controversy flying around since she touched down in Series 3, Jemma maintains her exes would describe her as “a bit nuts but honest and loyal”. With a series of high-profile relationships to her name including Danny Cipriani, we can’t wait to see which headlines Jemma makes next.

Jemma says her weakness is her “punctuality” and her strength is her “skills in the bedroom” but will Jemma be turning back time this series as the exes begin to arrive in the sun-kissed Ex On The Beach villa? The tattoo model still has expectations of “fun, sex and nakedness” and claims there’s nothing she won’t do on camera. Looks like Jemma will be heating up an already sizzling series!

Will Jemma come across as psycho on screen as she expects in this series of Ex On The Beach? There’s only one way to find out!


AGE: 26

Butter-wouldn’t-melt Jess Impiazzi, made her mark during the second series of Ex on the Beach. Jess is now newly single and hoping to improve her opinion that “all boys are mean and only think about themselves” in the new series ofEx On The Beach!

This gym bunny has since had a number of celebrity partners and was recently linked to the likes of Charlie Sheen. Will this blue-eyed beauty know what to expect when she touches down onto the stormy sands?

She regrets having sex on screen last time and claims she’ll never do it again but will anyone make her change her mind this time around? Jess’ expectations before going into the house were that it would be “loads more friendly” than the second series. With this season looking more explosive than ever, we hope you’re ready for series 5 of Ex On The Beach Jess!

Jess might be a blue eyed beauty but she is a real tom boy at heart and her ideal date would be a ride… on the go karts; or getting wet… on an amusement park ride. This often leads her into the arms of the wrong guys because if they have good banter she’s sold, so despite knowing they’re usually ‘bad boys’ she’s a sucker for your typical shredded muscle boy.

She thinks she’s crazy for going back into the Ex On The Beach villa but we can’t wait!


AGE: 27

Will lifeguard and firefighter Liam Lewis be giving anyone the kiss of life on this series of Ex On The Beach? After appearing on series 1 of Ex On The Beach, this Northern lad claims he knows what to expect this time round but how long will that last when he touches down on the stormy shores of Ex On The Beach?

Liam hopes to come across cool and genuine on screen but thinks the main thing is being true to himself. He is open minded about becoming famous from being in the house but hopes that in the future he will earn s*@t loads of money!

After becoming the sh*t stirrer of the century in series 1, we can’t wait to see how Liam stirs the pot in the brand new series of Ex On The Beach!

EOTB5 - EXES - GROUP SHOT - Aimee, Hawley, Lillie, Conor, Holly, Alex, Charlotte, Joss, Mel, Ash, Kayleigh


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