International Press Release for Writer/Producer Alexandria Altman

One million and counting fans waiting for the Cinderella Chronicles Snow Moon novel made for motion picture; the first in the series plus the reasons why she pulled a huge deal from New York but has not sold it as yet even though there are offers on the table. She isn’t antsy or in any hurry and here you will read why.

Oscar Ally
We are so happy to announce Miss Altman is back at work after a few weeks from holidays and some much needed rest after she collapsed due to being overworked and stressed.

Alexandria Altman cannot seem to go anywhere these days. Alexandria cannot even go to her local area stores to shop or to Starbucks without being known and asked if they can take pictures and sign autographs. Neither will she sign an autograph or take pictures with anyone as she feels the timing is wrong and wants the deals all in place first.

All is happening now behind closed doors and secret hiding places as many videos of ‘behind the scenes footage’ have already been filmed and are moving forward.

At the present time discussions of which Production Company they will eventually sign with are taking place with Director Bruce Logan of Star Wars/Batman/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and many more as well as Producer Alan Howarth who has 40 plus credentials including an Academy Award winner team.

Altman has the right team and the right stars and some stars are so big that Casting Director Stanzi Stokes who cast Leonardo DiCaprio in his first part as well as Keanu Reeves not to mention Terminator; we are withholding the big ones to the last minute… she quotes “they have not been announced as of yet”

There are so many options and people coming forth ‘left, right and center’ that she never dreamed that powerful friends in Hollywood would step up for her but they are arriving. It seems all at the same time as she wants to work with each and everyone of them she can only choose one or two. The rumors in Hollywood are buzzing as the film is ready to move into action very soon. At the moment there is discussions on the possibility the location of the film could be New Orleans or the UK, maybe even Wales as it has been offered from a long time friend of Altman’s who owns a rather large castle.

With all these options and the big ones stepping in there is no wonder that Alexandria is having to wear shades and disguise her own self these days. She had no idea that being successful but not actually looking for fame would be such a challenge but she handles it well. While Alexandria hates that title but has been prone to run in the opposite direction. As she has always been in the right Hollywood and music circles it is no surprise it has caught up with her.

On the web site of IMDbPro Alexandria Altman (II) you will find her up and coming movies and where she says ‘I quit chasing my dreams long ago, now I let my dreams chase me.’ Well. Miss Altman it is here and right on time as it should be. All the hard work pays off with so much support from Hollywood and the higher up Companies. While not yet known to the public she has no ego which is what her fans adore about her. Alexandria loves her work and is very dedicated to it.

As her friend and Snow Moon star Darlene Cates told her just breathe as it is sinking in. She is coming into her own.
Wearing many hat’s she has told her Producer and Director that it is hard but you don’t have time to think about the fun part of the job. It’s all work and no play as of now … the only time that it is really fun is when you get your 15 minutes of fame on the red carpet. Apart from that work work work.

The only way to achieve your goals advises Altman is to go non stop at record speed until it is in place. Writer/ Creator/Producer and now Associate Producer of the mini documentary movie of Veronica Grey plus Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Worlds Worst Shark Attack’. She loves the ocean and being a huge part of saving our planet is her goal in life as her assets also rise. Altman has always been into charity work and with many hours and years in helping others Altman is excited about working with her well known friend Veronica Grey again and also very excited about Leonardo DiCaprio, the Cure and all others involved. Alexandria Altman’s first movie as Associate Producer was with the known famed Surf Chick and Best Selling Author Veronica Grey gave her credentials in the movie world.. Altman is now moving into acting with a lot on her plate so no wonder most would collapse under these circumstances but she has handled it well. There are many options now with one being an A-lister and a very well known lady at this time setting a very private meeting which may see her walk away with all four of the Cinderella Chronicles Series.
We cant wait to see who she is and some already have a suspicion.

In the Industry as we all know intrusions can come and Altman thanks God she doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet to hide in any manner/manor except just being herself. Living in two places she calls home one in Nashville and the other in Beverly Hills. She lives between the two with recent events having scared her back to LA permanently as she has been stalked by a man on a popular Social Media site not to mention people she doesn’t know personally and has never met but they have used her name without her knowledge and hacked in to her pages to get info to try and find another stars info. Altman says, “don’t bother, this man is not on facebook and neither are any of her other A List friends.

Security has now been stepped up on Alexandria’s business/community and web sites and after trying to get information many have been caught. If there is any thing the public needs to know she is more than happy to tell them at the appropiate time. She has been approached about writing her autobiography where not rumors but her life in Hollywood and how she rose to fame and her business ventures will be featured. Altman explains she is not just about film but also has a supporting role in the world of business where it all counts and all is hard work. Alexandria’s original Cinderella Chronicles novel that was published in 2011 with New Earth Productions was unfortunately targeted and stolen.

It was not proof read properly and not knowing this it was published sadly with a few errors. Alexandria pulled the books nine months later and now someone has taken it on their self to sell her book for astounding prices following are examples, 100 dollars, 500 dollars and as high as 1400 dollars. These people are being watched and will be caught. A law suit will be filed on the theft of her books, Alexandria says this is not the first time and she is already in another law suit over her first book being stolen and sold not for any other reason than her own name and not the reason you would think.

Many wanted to support her Cinderella Chronicles series knowing in the background that the novels and movies would explode. It is simple people like to take your name for their own fame and attack you even if they have never have met you or know you, all have many fans even millions. Altman explains they chose her name to spin their own career from day one even before social media hit big. Having a famous name doesn’t make you famous, as far as that goes it does not matter who your family may or may not be it is about your story and if it is a good one and a name along with a good story always sells.

Alexandria states ‘people sometimes think you are very wealthy because you were either born or married into wealth. That is not always the case. In my case, I earned my success over many years, the Altman’s name is attached to a lot of money and there are a lot of famed Altmans but I am a stand-alone with a good book series that is my story. I speak of my Grams and ancestry not any famed Altmans, someone wants to profit off her name yet again her name.’ With the Mission Possible series a small publisher made a fortune because her name was half of the project, Alexandria is tired of this and wants her true family, friends in Hollywood and fans know that a name change is coming for her books and only her fans will know.

She has ten unpublished books and won’t publish them until the change takes place. Now at least the right people are watching out and taking names of the ones who sell her books, most she has pulled. For now she feels safe to be herself again and all is handled in the literary world however she will be keeping her name in the film, she just wants respect and privacy as any other rising star.
Alex says “I am a casual caps and jeans kind of girl until I have to dress up.’ What has happened lately is disturbing to Miss Altman and her family as you can get caught in your pyjamas going to get your mail which recently happened to Altman, not to mention salesmen coming to the door and pizza deliverers when you did not order a pizza, you open your door and ‘suddenly a quick camera flash’. Altman even moved into a well known higher class hotel hoping for privacy where a maid and front desk clerk called her room all night after discovering who she was and let other staff know, when miss Altman left her suite to go down for breakfast the next morning at least ten of the staff and hotel people were outside her door which frightened her a lot.

She doesn’t realize what is happening to her at record speed, as having Hollywood insiders and now seven people handling her career from National to International areas and their attorneys all suggesting she move back to her Hollywood home for more security and privacy.

Altman only wants to be the best with what gifts she was naturally born with to be a good Writer and a good Producer.

Her world is different now she explains like all in Hollywood who work hard for their careers, the reason you go to a book store and read, the reason you have a good movie to watch and we work harder than anyone can imagine.

Please respect people in the world of film, music and books.

Alexandria Altman

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  1. Julianna on January 6, 2015

    We Love Cinderella Chronicles Snow Moon and Can’t Wait for the film to be completed!! Alexandria Altman is a Warm Wonderful person, a Strong Beautiful woman and a Great role model for young girls to follow. Her story is so inspiring! The industry Really needs more people like her 🙂