Fame & Tragedy Collide, as Bestselling Irish Suspense Novel Makes its Way to UK Shelves

Still Waters: Fame & Tragedy Collide, as Bestselling Irish Suspense Novel Makes its Way to UK Shelves.

Everybody knows that those in the spotlight would work themselves half to death in order to cover up scandals that could sour their reputation. In Linda Kavanagh’s bestselling ‘Still Waters’, one soap opera diva has an event in her past that would chill anyone to their bones, and it has finally come back to haunt her.

The novel has already achieved bestseller success in Ireland and is now being made available in the UK and Australia as demand continues to grow around the world.


There was a moment when Ivy Heartley could have told the truth. But she didn’t. Now she’s burdened with a terrible secret – something so awful that she must constantly live in fear, since its disclosure could destroy her marriage, her career and turn her son against her.

As the star of Bright Lights, a soap that airs nightly on TV, Ivy has achieved fame and fortune, and led a charmed life, adored by millions of fans. Her husband is managing director of one of the country’s leading supermarket chains, and their son is at university. And all this time, her secret has lain hidden beneath the waters of the lake in the Lincolnshire village where she grew up.

But the demons are never far away, and the tragic legacy of her teenage years has always been on her mind. Will she ever be able to forget what happened? Or will her past destroy her future?

Ivy soon discovers that being a celebrity can be a double-edged sword. Someone has discovered her secret, and now she must face terror of a different kind, as an unseen enemy twists the knife. Who is this person and what do they want? Ivy must now battle for all she holds dear, maybe even her own life…

“This is high suspense,” explains Kavanagh, a former journalist and author of the also-bestselling ‘The Secret Wife’. “People look at the enigma of celebrities with a unique kind of innocence, so I wanted to counteract this with an event in Ivy’s past that, if made public, would derail her talent and every good thing ever said about her. That’s the problem…the time has come!”

Continuing, “The novel has picked up pace a lot quicker than I could have ever imaged and we’re celebrating its expanded availability at a time when requests are flooding in from around the world. We have plans to make it available in further countries as time progresses, but are currently focused on making the biggest splash we can in the UK and Australia.”

Positive reviews have flooded in since the book’s Ireland release. One Amazon reader comments, “This is what I call a murder mystery for wimps… It has all the who done it and the build up, but with none of the scary pants bit….its brilliant, With an equal measure of normality and a hint at romance, but not in the clouds type!! The whole book has kept me hooked and at any spare minute I would pick it up…I was just disgusted with life stopping me read.”

Mrs Maureen J Juniper adds, “I couldn’t put this book down as I was desperate to find out how it ended and what a surprise it was when I eventually did reach the end. Thoroughly recommended.”

‘Still Waters’, from MIRA, is currently available for pre-order: http://amzn.to/1y30OmL.

About the Author:

Linda Kavanagh is a former journalist, who has worked for several Irish newspapers and magazines. She is now a fulltime author. To date, she has written seven bestsellers, two of which reached Number 1 in the Irish Nielsen book charts. Still Waters was her second Number 1 bestseller in Ireland. She is now being published in the UK, Australia and online (and in the USA later this year) by Harlequin Mira. She writes in the suspense genre, and her recent novels have covered topics such as bullying, secrets, murder and revenge. Her novels usually feature a twist at the end.

The Secret Wife is currently on sale in the UK, Australia and online, and Still Waters will also be published in the UK, Australia and online on December 1.

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