Farewell From Our Executive Officer

Message from QMusic President

Outgoing Executive Officer Denise Foley will remain with QMusic in the newly created role of BIGSOUND Producer.

QMusic President Michael Crutcher said the Board was thrilled to retain Ms Foley’s services after she decided to step down from the Executive Officer role she held for nine years.

Ms Foley finishes in the executive officer role tomorrow, December 13, and will begin her new role in 2015. Joel Edmondson has been appointed as QMusic’s new Executive Officer.

The role of BIGSOUND Producer has been created in response to the growth of Australia’s most popular music conference, which will enter its 14th year in 2015.

In her new role, Ms Foley will support Mr Edmondson and BIGSOUND Programmer Nick O’Byrne.

“BIGSOUND 2014 was a remarkable success and that was due to the efforts of the outstanding QMusic team led by Denise,” Mr Crutcher said.

“QMusic’s goal is to grow BIGSOUND meaningfully each year. To do that, we have to properly resource it and the new role of producer is critical to that aim.”

“This enables the Board to retain Denise within QMusic and to ensure that Joel and Nick have the support needed to continue to grow BIGSOUND.”

“Denise has provided remarkable service to the Queensland music industry and it will please many that she will remain a vital contributer.”

“The appointment of Joel and the retention of Denise in a new role make for a very exciting 2015 for QMusic.”

BIGSOUND 2015 will be held next September. The 2014 event brought together more than 1200 delegates for BIGSOUND and 140 live acts for BIGSOUND Live.

“I am very excited by this appointment and for the chance to continue my involvement with the music industry,” Ms Foley said.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as executive officer but it is time for a new challenge. I look forward to supporting Joel in his new role and to continuing to work with Nick to deliver another BIGSOUND.”

Message from Denise Foley

As my time at QMusic draws to a close I would like to share a few thoughts and thank you’s with those of you who support us enough to subscribe to Broadcast.

The last nine years has been a tremendous journey for me and I really have to say a huge amount of fun. My transition from prison advocacy to music advocacy was a surprisingly easy one based largely on the wonderful, generous and giving people that I have met in the music industry. The support for human rights, social justice, and giving voice to those marginalised by our discriminatory social systems has been as strong in the music sector as it was in the prison sector, probably just with a few more social functions and a lot more music. This was something I had not expected and something that continues to amaze me. Music people and those in the arts generally have an innate connection with the injustices and disadvantage that occurs in our world.

I need to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I live and have worked during my time at QMusic and the role that music plays in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is honouring our universal connection with music that introduced me to so many of the people I have met over the past nine years.

Music makes the world go round, music provides the sound track to our lives, music gives voice to our stories in a way that is universal, and music is what has allowed me to be at QMusic for this length of time.

There have basically been two types of people that I have met over my years at QMusic, and that is some really awesome women and some really awesome blokes.

The list of awesome people is very long. Even though I have been at the helm for the past nine years, I have done nothing alone, and if I have done anything right during my time at QMusic it has been to spot, recruit and retain good people, both in our staffing group along with our board members.

The three Presidents I have worked with, Matt Connors, Julian Knowles and Michael Crutcher, have been the giants whose shoulders I have stood on. The board members who have worked with them, including Scott Maughan, Lawrence English, Julian Kerr, Rick Chazan, Costa Zouliou, Tim Collett, Stuart Watters, Stephen Foster, Stephen Green, Roz Pappalardo, Leanne de Souza, Lynette Irwin, Kellie Riordan, Sean Simmons, Mike Foster, Darryl Bailey, Ben Hancock and the current crew of new members, Jesse Barbera, Adam Thatcher, Peter Dann, and DJ Wendt.

My colleagues who have been with me for most of that time, Roxy Noori and Sue McComber. These two women are the backbone of QMusic and have been my constants over the years.

The program staff at QMusic have been outstanding, Deb Suckling, Martine Cotton, Kellie Lloyd, and now Stacey Coleman. What a wonderful bunch of women. Jim Budd, Marc Missiaen, Ange Sunley, Sonal Patel and Dan Lewis have been the merry go round of Marketing and Comms at QMusic.

So then there has been the wonderful BIGSOUND team that we have developed over the years, it started with Leanne de Souza as Programmer and Jolanda Horsburgh as the Event Manger. Since then we have moved through Programmers, Stephen Foster, Stephen Green, Graham Ashton, Romy Willing and now Nick O’Byrne and Jolanda has returned. Georgia Smith, Eddie Gresack, Paul Watson, and all of the wonderful BIGSOUND contractors and volunteers you are irreplaceable.

To all our partners in BIGSOUND who have allowed us to grow it, Virgin Australia, Oztix, SPA, Arts Queensland the Australia Council, we couldn’t have done it without you. To our venue partners, the wonderful staff at the Judith Wright Centre and all of our music venues around the valley, we love being able to show off our special part of the world with you all.

I hope that QMusic will be known for being connected to artists and to the industry. The managers, bands, song writers, labels, publicists, media partners and the interested and supportive people and businesses that I have worked with over the years have been the driving force to keep on fighting the good fight.

To my national colleagues in AMIN, Sounds Australia and APRA, your camaraderie and peer support has been essential to my doing this job.

I look forward to returning next year to support Joel and Nick to deliver BIGSOUND, and look forward to all of the new initiatives and directions that QMusic pursues with a fresh set of eyes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at QMusic and I look forward to a reduced role in 2015, but Simon, kids, I’m coming home!!

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