Feminist Writers Festival Kicks Off Nov 14th


Feminist Writers Festival is delighted to announce FWF2020 is happening on Saturday 14 November.

Our program is live and tickets on sale now.

Our usual inclusive, dynamic discussions have gone digital, but we’re bringing the same deep-thinking to big questions; be challenged, moved and roused to action by our diverse lineup of Australia’s best feminist writers, thinkers and activists.

Mathilda Imlah, FWF Chair:

‘This year, making sense of the world has felt more urgent, and sometimes more difficult, than ever. But even as our plans changed, our networks went virtual, and we reimagined the way we communicate, we never stopped seeking connection, community, and storytelling. Which is why we’re exhilarated to be able to stage FWF this year when it has sometimes felt more difficult, but ever more urgent.’

After an extensive audience survey in late 2019, we’ve programmed around the themes the FWF community most wanted to hear about. FWF2020 will tackle Australia’s culture of violence, the politics of health, intersections of the law, ecofeminism and a whole lot more.

Some of Australia’s most respected feminist thinkers are included in the FWF2020 line up, including: Nicole Lee, Anna Spargo-Ryan, Alice Robinson, Lidia Thorpe, Jax Jacki Brown, Katerina Bryant, Fernanda Dahlstrom, Zoya Patel and Inga Simpson.

FWF2020 will be delivering this unmissable content across a variety of platforms, including original essays, virtual events and a short-form podcast series.

FWF Director Nikki Anderson:

‘Bringing FWF to a digital format turns on its head our desire to do what feminists have always done: to gather together, to share, to support, to network, to challenge, engage and discuss. But here we are. In 2020 style, we are delighted to be bringing interactive virtual sessions, supported by specially commissioned essays, and a brand new podcast series to discuss some of the biggest issues around.’

‘Offering original reading, discursive panels – which will centre and connect the audience – and short-form but in depth podcasts with this host of feminist thinkers from such a range of fields and lived experiences is a dream come true. And really encapsulates what FWF is all about: connecting, amplifying, celebrating.’

This strange year has highlighted many of the existing fissures in our society. As we question where to next, FWF2020, along with some of Australia’s brightest, boldest thinkers, will play a vital role in this ongoing conversation.

FWF2020 is supported by Creative Victoria, Melbourne City of Literature, Besen Family Foundation and Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.

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