Film Mode Entertainment Announces
Written and Directed by Jake Hoffman

New coming-of-age romantic comedy from Jake Hoffman
(Sam & Kate, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman, and Click)
Makes World Market Premiere in Cannes

Rolling Pictures and Film Mode Entertainment are thrilled to announce the new coming-of-age romantic comedy, THE PROBLEM WITH POETS. The film is written by and will be directed by actor and filmmaker, Jake Hoffman (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman, Otherhood, Click).

THE PROBLEM WITH POETS is a quintessential New York story about an aspiring poet who encounters his quirky dream girl on the subway, and together they embark on a romantic journey neither one of them could ever have imagined.

Producer Mark Maxey of Rolling Pictures, “Jake’s story in ‘Poets’ is a relatable and modern romantic comedy that embraces and celebrates the complexities of budding romance at a time when people are shedding labels and still defining who they are.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Jake and Mark on this incredible story. We are huge fans of the material and know audiences worldwide are going to embrace these lovable and quirky characters we have already fallen in love with ourselves. We just can’t wait to get started and see Jake’s beautiful story come to life.” said Clay Epstein of Film Mode Entertainment. Bradley Pilz Productions is also producing.

After a chance encounter and fleeting moment shared on the subway, Miles desperately searches Manhattan for Ash, the girl of his dreams. He falls head over heels for his quirky, adorable counterpart who shares his love for poetry and zest for life in the big city. Underneath Ash’s beauty and tomboy style is a complex, intelligent, anxious, precocious tornado who wraps everyone up in her complicated messes. What follows is a romance for which neither were prepared.

“The protagonist has a pessimistic view of the universe that’s in contrast with an optimistic view of love… in other words, it’s a coming-of-age story.” Said writer and director Hoffman.

Jake Hoffman is an actor and filmmaker, best known for The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman, Otherhood, and Click. He recently completed production in the title role in Sam & Kate costarring his father Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek. In THE PROBLEM WITH POETS, for which he is both writer and director, Jake explores the connection between the personal and professional growth of an artist in a way that is relatable to everyone. The story is disguised as a romantic comedy but it’s really a coming-of-age story. A humorous and emotional journey as they find themselves and, for the viewer, a slice-of-life in NYC with all its whimsy and wonder.

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