Military Wives

Director Peter Canttaneo

Stars Kirsten Scott Thomas, Sharon Hogan, and Jason Flemym

Military Wives living on the base while their husbands are away at war and form a singing group did not sound particularly appealing prospects but this movie surprises.

As the soldiers go off to war the women of the base get together to try and organize some activities after a few false starts like the knitting group but no one knew how to knit. The singing club is born.

There is a leadership dual which graduates s from civil to rude to straight out shouting match which feels very realistic and relatable. It illustrates how some women cope with the threat of losing their partners and how women support each other in hard times.

It was a treat to see Kirsten Scott Thomas on then screen again and her character was the standout. She plays a stuck up woman with a superiority complex and a bit of control freak and found glimpses of friends in her character.

The highlight of the singing group is a performance at Albert Hall which is a wonderful feel-good moment. There are some very sad moments and some truly delightful moments, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would recommend it for a Sunday afternoon viewing

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