Film Festival Ticks Off Successfull 

The 2016 edition, the fourth under Carlo Chatrian’s Artistic Direction, came to a successful end, crowned with the Pardo d’oro to Godless, directed by Bulgarian filmmaker Ralitza Petrova.

Concorso internazionale
Pardo d’oro

GODLESS by Ralitza Petrova, Bulgaria/Denmark/France
Premio speciale della giuria (Special Jury Prize)

INIMI CICATRIZATE (Scarred Hearts) by Radu Jude, Romania/Germany
Pardo per la miglior regia (Best direction)

Pardo per la miglior interpretazione femminile (Best actress)

IRENA IVANOVA for GODLESS by Ralitza Petrova, Bulgaria/Denmark/France
Pardo per la miglior interpretazione maschile (Best actor)

ANDRZEJ SEWERYN for OSTATNIA RODZINA (The Last Family) by Jan P. Matuszyn?ski, Poland
Special Mention

MISTER UNIVERSO by Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel, Austria/Italy

Concorso Cineasti del presente
Pardo d’oro Cineasti del presente – Premio Nescens

EL AUGE DEL HUMANO by Eduardo Williams, Argentina/Brazil/Portugal
Premio speciale della giuria Ciné+ Cineasti del presente (Special Jury Prize)

THE CHALLENGE by Yuri Ancarani, Italy/France/Switzerland
Premio per il miglior regista emergente (Prize for the best emerging director)

Special Mention

VIEJO CALAVERA by Kiro Russo, Bolivia/Qatar

First Feature
Swatch First Feature Award (Prize for Best First Feature)

EL FUTURO PERFECTO by Nele Wohlatz, Argentina
Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award

Special Mention

EL AUGE DEL HUMANO by Eduardo Williams, Argentina/Brazil/Portugal

Pardi di domani
Concorso internazionale
Pardino d’oro per il miglior cortometraggio internazionale – Premio SRG SSR

L’IMMENSE RETOUR (ROMANCE) by Manon Coubia, Belgium/France
Pardino d’argento SRG SSR per il Concorso internazionale

CILAOS by Camilo Restrepo, France
Locarno Nomination for the European Film Awards – Premio Pianifica

L’IMMENSE RETOUR (ROMANCE) by Manon Coubia, Belgium/France
Premio Film und Video Untertitelung

VALPARAISO by Carlo Sironi, Italy
Special Mention

NON CASTUS by Andrea Castillo, Chile
Concorso nazionale
Pardino d’oro per il miglior cortometraggio svizzero – Premio Swiss Life

DIE BRÜCKE ÜBER DEN FLUSS by Jadwiga Kowalska, Switzerland
Pardino d’argento Swiss Life per il Concorso nazionale

GENESIS by Lucien Monot, Switzerland
Best Swiss Newcomer Award

LA SÈVE by Manon Goupil, Switzerland
Prix du Public UBS

I, DANIEL BLAKE by Ken Loach, United Kingdom/France/Belgium
Variety Piazza Grande Award

MOKA by Frédéric Mermoud, France/Switzerland
279 films in less than two weeks, 16 shown in the open air on the Piazza Grande and 17 in the Concorso internazionale. Major guests this year provided unforgettable moments, such as the warm Piazza greetings by Mario Adorf and Stefania Sandrelli, the conversations with Harvey Keitel, Roger Corman, David Linde and Alejandro Jodorowsky, Howard Shore’s Masterclass, Ken Loach’s revolutionary zeal, Isabelle Huppert’s recollections of Cimino and those of Ahmad of his father Abbas Kiarostami, Jane Birkin’s generosity, and Bill Pullman’s infectious congeniality.
Carlo Chatrian, Artistic Director: “This, the sixty-ninth edition that is now almost over, gambled on a number of fronts. From a more adventurous program on the Piazza to the competitions that gave pride of place to young filmmakers. The positive response, from both audiences and critics alike, has encouraged us to continue with this approach. We want Locarno to be, as it has been over these eleven exciting days, a place to show films which place human beings, in all their multi-faceted dimensions, front and center, films that provoke both discussion and strong emotion; and at the same time, a meeting place for major artists who are able to deliver strong messages, and a warm and receptive audience. An audience that is as warm in its welcome to both the well-known Harvey Keitel as to his colleague from Bhutan, not as well-known, but just as able to move the 8,000 individuals on the Piazza with the sound of his voice.”
The audience attendance over the eleven days of Festival has been in line with the last years. “In operational terms, the outcomes are very positive. Attendances have been high, and in line with previous editions. Even some audacious choices, and the greater security measures undertaken, did not manage to dampen the enthusiasm of the general festival audience, professional delegates and the media for the evening screenings. A big thank you to all those who worked with us and our partners, whose commitment and support has made this 69th edition possible.” Mario Timbal, Operations Director
The evening on the Piazza Grande concludes with the official awards ceremony and the screening of the closing film by Ashutosh Gowariker, Mohenjo Daro.

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