Kung Fu Yoga is an innovative adventure blockbuster directed by renowned Hong Kong director Stanley Tong. Its cast includes international superstar Jackie Chan, popular actor Aarif Rahman, rising talent Lay Zhang, Bollywood stars Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur, veteran actors Eric Tsang and Zhang Guoli, and yoga master Mu Qimiya.

Inspired by a real historical event, Kung Fu Yoga was shot in multiple countries on different continents. Director Tong based the movie on the true story of a Tang Dynasty diplomat’s visit to India. During the Tang Dynasty, India was known as Tianzhu. After Tang diplomats crossed the border, both the Tianzhu royal army and the nation’s national treasure vanished in mysterious circumstances. Based on these events, the characters in the movie embark on a treasure hunt, which takes the production team from frozen caves in Iceland to the scorching desert city of Dubai. The characters encounter dangerous animals and participate in a wild car chase in their quest for lost treasure. Thrilling action sequences in the movie will take the audiences’ breath away!

Presented by Beijing Sparkle Roll Media Corporation, Shanghai Taihe Pictures Co., Ltd., Shinework Pictures, Taihe Entertainment Corporation, Sparkle Roll Culture & Entertainment Development Limited and Top Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Kung Fu Yoga is shot in China, India, the United Arab Emirates and Iceland. With a cast of international stars, it combines kung fu, yoga, and other multicultural elements. A brand new Jackie Chan action movie, Kung Fu Yoga features an exciting fast-paced story told by interesting and glamorous characters. It is not only a fantastic adventure action- comedy but also great family entertainment!

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