A Beat in June positions itself to be the first ever virtual reality musical
New York, NY –Starting Tuesday, Little y and Young Lion Audio have begun to unveil their new, innovative project at the American Film Market.

With the onset of COVID-19, the creators of A Beat in June, Mischa Ipp and Daniel Rufolo, dreamed of finding a way to keep theatre alive through the medium of virtual reality. The two writers are currently in meetings with innovative investors to produce this one-of-a-kind, revolutionary project in 2021.

Starring Broadway’s Tamar Greene (George Washington, Hamilton) and award-winning vocalist Alita Moses, as well as working alongside VR expert Daniel Tenenbaum, Ipp and Rufolo have produced a VR music video teaser called “Brak is a Sensitive Caveman.” The music video, due to be released late November, features one of the songs from the musical they’ve been writing for three years.

About A Beat in June
Two stories intertwine as a teenage cave-woman and her grandmother fight over teaching men the new emotion they’ve invented (love) and a master author confronts why she is hallucinating.

A Beat in June is a dreamlike herstory musical. Our master author, June, is offered the greatest writing opportunity of her life but worries she is going insane when the characters in her novel start to come to life around her. Unfortunately this ‘great’ opportunity comes with a catch: after 40 rejections, in a fit of frustration, June’s agent submits the novel under her husband’s name and it is only then that it is picked up. Everything transforms when the characters from June’s novel burst on stage singing and dancing around her. We meet a 16-year-old cave woman, Su, who is part of the first tribe to have invented the concept of love. Su’s grandmother – a spunky-cave-woman-lesbian named Rise, believes love is exclusive to women but Su is certain that she can teach love to men. The musical moves forward and the two worlds become more intertwined as existential questions and age-old secrets reveal themselves.

About the Creators
Daniel Rufolo has released over five albums under his name and been featured on many more for his unique musical talents. Currently, he is composing for commercials, films and theatre through his company Young Lion Audio. He has scored for Prudential, PepsiCo, United Way, AECOM and Mozilla. His music has been featured on HBO and in various films.
Mischa Ipp is Artistic Director at Little y. She was nominated for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Lead Actress for Then That Happened at the LA Webfest, Best Production at The Blue Room Theatre Awards, and an Achievement in the Arts award from Artshub. Mischa has produced and written over 30 projects, and acted in productions with companies such as Funny Or Die, Amazon, and Punchdrunk.

Photo link and credits

ABIJ Cast – Tamar Greene, Alita Moses, Janelle Robinson, Janelle Tedesco. Photo by Eden Martinez
ABIJ Cast and Crew – Tamar Greene, Mischa Ipp, Daniel Tenenbaum, Alita Moses, Janelle Robinson, Daniel Rufolo, Janelle Tedesco. Photo by Eden Martinez
ABIJ VR ‘little planet’ image – (starting at 12 O’clock) Alita Moses, Mischa Ipp, Daniel Tenenbaum, Tamar Greene, Janelle Tedesco, Janelle Robinson. Photo by Daniel Tenenbaum

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