Director David Barker
Producer Annie Kinnane and David Barker
Screenplay Lou Mentor and David Barker
Ella Scott Lynch ( Love Gold) as Sarah
Benedict Samual ( Gotham ) as Lewis
Robin Goldsworthy as Kenny

Pimped movie review by Mirre Jennings

The movie commenced at an Hedonistic fparty in a cool house music is banging and the partygoers are getting friendly .

We meet two housemates both horrid over privileged jerks who are practicing golf putting in the lounge room it turns out Kenny is the over privileged snob and Lewis a guy he likes having around.

Sarah heads out to a bar on her own where Lewis makes her acquaintance they head back to Kenny’s place wher Le they have sex gazing out the window Sarah spots Lewis by the pool below and Kenny is having sex with her. The shock of the situation spurs Sarah into action and grabs the nearest thing and hits Lewis in the with a putter lodging it in his head. I found the scene
Horrid but the putter pretty funny and laughed out loud. Lewis comes up room and they scheme together to dispose of the body, both on guard and armed but of course things get a bit complicated which is where the fun starts further death and mayhem ensues.

There is one really cool death with some nice gurgling noises which impressed me quite a bit . The chilling detachment of Lewis is reminiscent of Christian Bale in American Psycho.

Lynch gives a powerhouse performance playing two distinct characters showing steeling resolve and vulnerability. Samual is annoying in the beggginimg playing the twat which is the goal but is much more interesting once he turns cold hearted killer. Both deliver strong performances especially when you consider this is an indie movie with limited takes. I was impressed and surprised with how much I enjoyed this film a slow burn to start with but once it gets going it’s a hoot it also has a more intellectual level and depth and makes you consider how much of a psychopath lives inside each of us.

The movie has been well received at festivals and was named best Australian film at monsterfest.

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