Review Mirre Jennings

Director Shane Black
Written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker
Starring Boyd Holbrook , Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay

This is not the dark and mysteriously dangerous Predator of the original film so don’t go expecting a similar reboot. The movie is directly aimed at the 16-25 aged group so if your like gratuitous entrails hanging out of bodies, lots of gun fire, action , conversational swearing , Aliens and blokeish humour your in for a a fun popcorn flick. This is not high art and initially I was cringing at the the b grade feel but once I got over my preconceptions I found myself laughing at the silly jokes and enjoying myself and really isn’t that you want from a movie ticket.

A sniper see the alien ship crash and manage to get his hands on some alien tech that the alien wants back and so it begins. He mails the items to his ex wife and his son who is now in the firing line so he enlists a bus load of army vets on their way to the looney bin to help him on his mission.

The space special effects are not up to current standard for die hard Sci-fi fans but they are fine and quite a few scenes feel like they are set up to accommodate the action but I like lots of action so that was fine. It’s not pretending to be a serious film with lots of jokes and a fast pace. Just go along for the ride .

Out in National cinemas.

2.5 out of 5

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