Film Release Review :Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

MOVIE: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

DISTRIBUTED BY: Universal Pictures

QUOTE: “25 years on and still tearing evolution up….Welcome to Jurassic World”

S.E.S…..Survival, Evolution…Survival. Words best used to break up this blockbuster epic into three explosive segments. Each as thrilling as each other, as they collectively make the 5th installment of this monolithic franchise more relevant and exciting than ever. The sequel to 2015’s ‘Jurassic World’ and the second of a planned trilogy, soars to new heights. Cleverly directed by talented Spanish film Director, J.A. Bayona (The Orphanage, A Monster Calls), with amazing lead performances by Chris Pratt( A Steve McQueen of sorts in the making) and Bryce Dallas Howard( holding her own and making a real name for herself as an action star), reprising their roles from the previous film, supported by an equally incredible cast that includes stellar performances from Justice Smith( Netflix show The Get-Down)and Daniella Pineda, as well as incredible performances from the legendary James Cromwell and Geraldine Chaplin( yes, the 4th daughter of the great Charlie Chaplin), who superbly plays Nanny and caretaker at the Lockwood Estate, tending to Lockwood’s adopted Granddaughter, Maisie( wonderfully played by young actress Isabella Sermon). Ted Levine plays a fantastic role as head mercenary Ken Wheatley, with fantastic performances by Toby Jones and B.D. Wong. And of course, let’s not forget the one, the only Jeff Goldblum, returning to deliver a brief, but knockout role as Dr Ian Malcolm.

3 years after the catastrophic events of Jurassic World, now abandoned and ruled by dinosaurs and a dormant volcano looming and threatening to level the island and dinosaurs to extinction. A mercenary team has arrived to retrieve the DNA remains of the monstrothic Indominus Rex, which lies on the ocean floor near the island. The action starts almost immediately and the team barely survive a hell of an attack. Back home at a U.S. Senate hearing, a very morally sensitive and compelling debate is taking place with the enigmatic Dr Ian Malcolm (Goldblum), discussing some very interesting and thought provoking points of argument of whether the threatened dinosaurs of Isla Nublar should be saved or be dealt Nature’s swift hand of judgement in the form of the impending volcanic destruction.

Elsewhere, former head of Jurassic World, Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of famed director Ron Howard), now heads a Dinosaur Protection Group, in an effort to preserve their survival. When the Senate denies any assistance effort to save the dinosaurs, Dearing is summoned by former scientific/business partner, Benjamin Lockwood (Rafe Spall) to his lavish Northern California estate to discuss a proposal to save the dinosaurs. His proposal entails moving the Dinosaurs to a new island called Sanctuary, where they can be left to survive on their own. And he asks her to call upon old friend and Velociraptor expert, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to help find the near extinct Velociraptor, Blue specifically for preservation. Sounds good in theory right?

Well, in true Hollywood fashion, one doesn’t need to be a sleuth to figure out there’s always a dark agenda and radical twist to the story waiting. While most of the dinosaurs are indeed saved, their relocation destination is not quite where it’s originally proposed and from here the dark twists surface and the quote of “Man is inevitably drawn to war, and we’ll do anything to win it” really comes into play, or more specifically, power play. As the business of corporate greed takes over and all moral boundaries are quashed in the wellbeing of the dinosaurs and Benjamin Lockwood has gone so far as to evolve the species once again for financial gain. The DNA retrieved from the Indominus Rex is used to create a deadly new species called the Indoraptor. From here, we all know there will be error which leads to disaster and all kinds of action packed dinosaur mayhem waits. The dinosaurs are abundant and once again leaving one to believe in these incredible creations of Hollywood magic. The action and flow of storyline shows no lack of fantastic and this film delivers on a whole new level from its predecessor.

There will be much discussion amongst the many over the moral boundaries pushed in the arguments over the preservation of the dinosaurs, but all in all the excitement that the world of Jurassic Park has delivered since debuting 25 years ago, just got a whole lot bigger. The film runs just over 2 sensational hours and will leave you hungry for the next installment. More dinosaurs, more action, more unbelievable moments. Welcome to a whole new Jurassic World.

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RATING: 8.5/10

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