Director: Wayne Blair
Writers: Miranda Tapsell, Joshua Tyler
Stars: Gwilym Lee, Kerry Fox, Miranda Tapsell

We all love a good wedding film and they’re sure has been some good classics made over the period of our time but our latest one is Top End Wedding one film that I have been waiting for and I was not disappointed.

Bring together the makers of The Sapphires and you’ve already got a great mix of talent that is of top-shelf indigenous creators. Director Wayne Blair took on the project and read the script out loud when he first got it so that he could really feel every interaction in which helps him draft in his mind more so how he was going to direct it and what a great job he once again has done.

Miranda Tapsell has excelled herself in this film and not only is she a great actress, but she is a delight in this role as well she has put hats on as a co-producer and has co-written with Joshua Tyler.

Tapsell plays Lauren a lawyer who is on her way up in the big firm and partner Ned is a lawyer but does not want to be one anymore and quits his job and instead wants to settle down so with a proposal of marriage to Lauren they become engaged just as worrying gets her new promotion.

The new promotion for Lauren speeds up her wedding plans and she ups and leaves with Ned and his family to get married in a ten-day window in Darwin. They arrive to find Lauren’s mother who has gone AWOL somewhere in the remote far north of Australia, and her dream wedding goes into chaos. A hunt to find her mom while her dad is not coping at all with anything is left to arrange a wedding with her friends and this is where more fun interacts.

It is filmed absolutely beautifully. The film premiered at Sundance, and it’s a traditional Rom-Com. The cinematography of Australia’s Northern Territories and islands with the mix of music in the film is outstanding!

Another great Australian story that is heartfelt at the end.

4 stars

• Top End Wedding will be released in Australia on 2 May

Caroline Russo Critic

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