“The hidden faces of homelessness”

Directed by Sue Thomson (The Coming Back Out Ball Movie)
Narrated by Margot Robbie

Incorporating World Homeless Day on 10 October

As Australia’s egalitarian dream fades and its housing crisis deepens, this Margot Robbie–narrated documentary shows us the fastest-growing social group facing homelessness…women aged over 55.

Some 240,000 women over 55 are at risk of homelessness In Australia – a figure both surprising (owing to this demographic being less likely to speak up about their difficulties) and shocking, given this country’s wealth. UNDER COVER introduces us to 10 of these people, including a survivor of domestic violence, a former advertising executive, a self-confessed loner and a displaced immigrant, for whom security and shelter are constant unknowns and who, until now, have suffered in silence.

This was eye opening to all degrees and no matter what age you are this is a must see film that shares the grit and raw reality of what is happening to women who never thought they be with out a home. I am one of them in the age group and it would scare the hell out of me to face that.

From The Coming Back Out Ball Movie, director Sue Thomson tells this deeply empathic account of the clash between capitalistic greed and citizens’ basic needs, turning the lens on those left behind in the rat race for the Australian Dream.

Featuring famed Wirlomin Noongar author Claire G. Coleman among its interviewees, the film inhabits the isolated worlds of these women, whose vulnerability is laid bare alongside the country’s still-growing urban sprawl, subpar safety net and strained public housing. Through their testimonies, UNDER COVER builds an eye-opening mosaic of quiet bravery in the midst of an invisible but endemic crisis impacting women from many walks of life.

This is growing concern and with how things have been in the last 2 years of covid aas well the hurt and the pain of suffering of those that lost their business, work, income, and homes, if in the middle age group is hard to regain unless you have have saved well or had a back up plan of help you out, but at the end of day this is a film that spells out the stories of these women and the figue I am sure will grow more.

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