Pet Sematary

Director Kevin Kolsch , Dennis Wydmyer
Written by Stephen King and Matt Geeenberg
Starring Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz

Review by Mirre Jennings

This remake of the Classic Stephen King novel revolves around a family escaping to the country so they can spend more quality time together. They move into a house that backs onto a forest where the townspeople bury their pets thus the film’s title.

The families daughter befriends next door neighbour Jud (John Lithgow) a disheveled but seemingly nice older man, who becomes a friend of the family.
Subsequently, the pet cat dies, Jud and Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) dispose of the Cat in secret so as to avoid upsetting Ellie the daughter. They go off in the middle of the night, deep into the forest and bury the cat. Much to everyone’s surprise (apart from Jud ) the cat appears the next day but he’s not quite the same ………

Seeing horror actors Jason Clarke and John Lithgow on the screen put me on edge and even in the first few scenes, I had a jumps scare which was unrelated to the story. The movie builds suspense layering the situation and drama that creep ever close to the actions that lead to the catchphrase sometimes “Dead is better”

A word of advice do not watch all the trailers before seeing this movie as sometimes it’s better not to know and just go on the journey of the movie. The movie’s pace and punctuations are on point and it delivers. Pet Sematary made me look away and ask my friend if it was over yet in scary parts not because it was gruesome as by many of today’s standards it’s not, but the fear of the impending doom lingers in the air for much of the movie which makes this movie a lot more frightening than some.

I have not seen the original and though many always prefer the original the person I went with said they thought this was better.


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