Film Review: Broken Circle Breakdown

The Broken Circle Breakdown is a Belgian Bluegrass movie, directed by Felix Van Groeningen that has gained unanimous praise around the world and a nomination for an academy award in the foreign language section. Johan HeldenBergh stars as Didier and Carl Joos, co-wrote this intense drama interwoven with romantic comedy. The films killer bluegrass soundtrack paired with striking cinematography, Broken Circle Breakdown is an amazing, emotional roller-coaster of a film.

credit T&T

credit T&T

The film formerly known as Broken Circle Breakdown feat. The Alabama Cover-ups had its origins as a stageshow in Flanders and the Nederlands which Heldenbergh collobrated with Mieke Dobbels. The cast played over 130 sold out shows which allowed the enterprise to grow with a book publication in 2008by Johan Heldenbergh & Mieke Dobbels and soundtrack by BjornEriksson.
The initial, raw love between Didier (Johan Heldenberg)and Elise (Veerle Baetens) is at first strong, though this becomes tested and their differences more obvious as the plot plays out. Elise owns her own tattoo parlour and is a talented artist, and front women to Didier’s band in which he is musician playing banjo, as well as wood work projects and making a home and a strong atheist with a dwindling love of America. Johan learnt how to play the Banjo, mandolin and guitar specifically for the show.

The films genius is found in its non-linear sequence, even though it’s a melodrama that deals with a lot of heartbreak the scenes through time are interwoven perfectly to contrast the tragedy with the stars fun loving nature and band of merry men making the audience laugh and smile in spades.

The soundtrack is fun, strong and lively with the repetition ‘will the circle be unbroken’ bringing about the discourse of love and heartbreak. Attracting lovers of country Johnny Cash and 50’s style and starting up a Belgian bluegrass appreciation.

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