The Nun
Review By Mirre Jennings

In Cinemas everywhere from Sept 6

James Wan the Director of the Conjuring Series has penned The Nun a Conjuring 2 prequel spin off. If you are a fan of the horror Genre and the Conjuring franchises chances are you are going to see this movie .

Set in the 1950;s the Vatican calls on a priest to investigate an occurrence at an Abbey in Romania he is assisted by a Novice Nun . They are joined by a villager who escorts them to the abbey where they discover the unholy truth of the abbey and its demonic presence .

The movie starts with a strong shot on Horror and then follows an almost classic horror format with a coherent story and some old school effects the foggy mountain and smoke filled graveyards. There are the necessary jump scares and though some are quite obvious the build up still creates tension and give the required scare regardless . Though not ground breaking it still gives plenty of scares. The Nun character is really very scary and not overused so the suspense and anticipation are created with great effect . The deaths are not constant and gratuitous so when they do occur they deliver the needed affect .The two main characters are not fearless but have a job to do and risk their lives to fight Valak .

Not the scariest movie you will see or have seen but still a few scares. and worth the ticket price

3 1/2 stars

Director Corin hardy
Writers James Wan
Screenplay Gary Dauberman
Starring Demian Birchir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet

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