starring Jesse Eisenberg & Imogen Poots

Available on VOD from April 16
Google Play, iTunes, Telstra, Fetch and Umbrella Entertainment
Foxtel on Demand from May 6

The film begins with the Young couple, Gemma (Imogen Poots) and Tom (Jesse Eisenbergwant) to purchase a house. They visit a strange estate agent, Martin. Martin tells them of a new development called Yonder. Gemma and Tom drive out to the development with Martin.

The houses in Yonder are identical, suburban homes. The place is silent, empty and otherworldly. Martin shows the couple around house number nine and then vanishes. Gemma and Tom attempt to leave Yonder, but become lost. Every route returns them to number nine. The car runs out of petrol. They stay the night in number nine.
It is a surreal and twisted tale that is darkly humorous, sad, frightening and weirdly satisfying and worked through a sci-fi lens.

Director Lorcan Finnegan comments on the film was aimed at The fact and idea of owning your own home has become like a fairy tale. Insidious advertising promises ‘ideal living’, a fantasy version of reality that we strive towards. It is the bait that leads many into a trap. Once ensnared we work our whole lives to pay off debts. The social contract is a strange and invisible agreement that we flutter towards like moths to a
flame. Natural areas are destroyed to make way for rows of identical houses, mazes for an atomised society to live out their days. We eat processed food wrapped in plastic. Media competes with parents to set strange new agendas in the minds of children. The dream of owning a home can soon turn into a nightmare. Consumerism is consuming us. Vivarium was fed on these ideas.

VERDICT … Satisfies as a good thriller with a bit of base humour.
Caroline Russo

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