Damon Gameau’s actor now director which brought his very first film doco in 2015 That Sugar Film, where he acted out in exploring the effects of consuming sugar and this was a great credit to Gameau work.

2040 is without a doubt gripping to how he has produced this timing film, or one that leaves us little time to do the right thing and educate our youth to preserve and save our planet. The last month Damon has been touring with pre screening of 2040 and drawing all the curiosity on issues that are relevant across cultures and demographics. His target is the youth more so and all who can rally to make changes now.

2040 takes you on a tick-tock story that shows us with high global tec of how our future will be and how all ready other countries are working. I applaud Damon on this film and his dedication and by any measure, we can all take responsibility for making this planet a better place to live and this is such a clever production that unites global voices and to create more harmony in our world.

Go to the website and enter to 2040 and do list to see this film it is gratifying. MAY 23RD in cinemas.

Thanks to madman we have tickets to give away.

Enter Name address and phone to [email protected]

Comp closes 18th May 2019

Production company: Good Thing Productions
Cast: Damon Gameau, Eva Lazarro, Zoe Gameau
Director-screenwriter: Damon Gameau
Producers: Nick Batzias, Anna Kaplan, Virginia Whitwell, Damon Gameau
Cinematographer: Hugh Miller
Editor: Jane Usher
Music: Bryony Marks
Venue: Berlin International Film Festival (Generation Kplus)
Sales: Madman Entertainment, Melbourne

92 minutes

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