Fundraiser Dinner to honour the Amoy shepherds


Fundraiser Dinner to honour the Amoy shepherds
The St George Chinese Memorial Committee (SCCMC) in Partnership with the Balonne Shire Council will hold a fundraiser at the Landmark Chinese Restaurant in Sunnybank on Saturday 30th of June, to honour the brave journey of the Amoy shepherds.

Three hundred of them ended up minding 450,000 sheep in the Darling Downs. They came under five year contracts – the first organised movement of labour from China to the Colonies in 1847, a historical milestone in China-Australia relations.

It was not a success for the sojourners. Most, if not all, never saw their families again. Some now lie in peace in St George Cemetery in unmarked graves, a grass fire having burnt down their timber headstones in 1970s.

Today a solitary marble headstone stands, 35cm above the ground, the sole testimony of these unwitting witnesses to the settlement history of the region.

Mr Jack Sun, who is the Chairman has expressed that this is a fundraiser that he hopes that along with his committee and fellow supporters will finalise a granite memorial to honour all in the past and to mark this a a great presence in honour of the Amoy shepherds.

For any information on this please contact Caroline Russo [email protected] or 0409451180

Bookings for dinner:
Rachel Zheng
St George Chinese Community Memorial Committee Phone: 0439 566 666
Email: [email protected]

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