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Lumberpunks Axe Throwing Brisbane

By: J.Dracman

Now we’ve all tried throwing darts or attempted throwing at a target, whether it’s a spot on the wall or getting that apple core in the bin. And one must admit to a small buzz when you hit that target right? What about throwing axes? This is a legit sport of social and even competitive excitement that is spreading globally. Brisbane is now part of the growing phenomenon with the recent opening of the new Lumberpunks Axe Throwing in Brisbane’s exciting West End.

With the flagship venue opened successfully over a year ago on the Gold Coast and attracting people from all walks of life, even Hollywood superstars like Jason Mamoa(Aquaman), it seemed only fitting that Brisbane get in on the action.
Lumberpunks is the brainchild of Sam Hay and Tyson McMillan, two mates who shared an idea over a business meeting in the backyard over beers and throwing axes. The rest is history. The idea received tremendous support from friends and community and before long, the Gold Coast became home to Queensland’s first ever Axe Throwing venue. Bucks parties, Hen’s parties, birthdays, tinder dates, Onesie parties and a successful weekly League competition makes for never a dull moment in this unique and exciting social activity that is already making noise in Brisbane since opening over the weekend.

Now, Sam and Tyson aren’t your everyday normal business focussed partners. With a background in hospitality and live music venue management as well as being genuinely funny guys, you can’t help but notice how passionate they are about what they’re doing and the positive effect it’s giving to the community. And community is exactly what they are creating already. With good friend Rory Swane on board handling marketing and social media, and his partner Jess opening a vintage rock wear clothing apparel store in the new venue, and assisted by an enthusiastic teamed energetic and passionate individuals, this venue is the real deal.
When people walk in, they are greeted by the guys as if they’re best friends dropping by. The warmth and welcoming engagement provided to all who walk in, and even the curious that want to see what this place is about is incredible to witness and their passion is genuine.
Customers sign a waiver before beginning and encouraged to play whatever music they want on the Spotify iPad at the counter and drinks and snacks are also on offer. Even beard products for the beard enthusiast.

Once signed in, customers sit on special logs, complete with log imaged cushions, as they are schooled on the fun ahead. Watching how Tyson and Sam engage with people over the fine art of throwing an axe, is quite entertaining and fun in itself. Discussion of physics is involved in the pre brief that people receive before even holding an axe and many a joke is shared to make one feel at ease, feel welcome and get excited about trying something new and fun.
Before long, people are holding axes and in their own lanes having a throw. With expert guidance and encouragement from the team, people are gaining confidence and the reawakening of their inner child is well on display, as bullseyes are getting hit, girls are throwing like pro’s and the fun is well and truly infectious.

The chance to throw the heavier hatchets provide a challenge for all, yet not an ounce of hesitation is seen, as all participants are keen to try and get their own bullseyes. Camaraderie is quickly developed and before long the introduction of friendly competition is explained with a bit of “tongue in cheek” banter encouraged by staff for the competitors to really get in the spirit of things. After an hour and a half of casual fun in a safe environment, seeing each customer beaming with excitement is satisfying to say the least. Again, one must mention just how hospitable and friendly Tyson and Sam have created the environment for people to come and let their inner child out.

The new venue also boasts an exciting arcade games room, complete with pinball machines and classic arcade games that people can also enjoy. Lumber Punks is a venue ready to carve a fantastic mark in Brisbane as a popular destination, adding to the already vibrant and exciting social culture thriving in Brisbane City right now.
This is truly one of those places one must add very high on their to-do list, as this is the kind of fun that will definitely have you returning again and again.

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