In its five new book releases this October, Lonely Planet Kids meets 84 children from around the world, shares the amazing stories behind the world’s flags, joins a globetrotting city adventure, explores the world of trains, and discovers the planet’s wildest, weirdest places.

This is My World (Ages 6-8)

In their own words, 84 kids from around the planet share their stories and photos. They’ll introduce their families and their pets, their homes and their hobbies, their customs and celebrations. Learn what it’s like to live in an orphanage in Zambezi, by a remote fjord in Greenland, in a whaling community in Alaska, and at an eco-lodge in Costa Rica.
For every copy of the book sold in Dymocks stores between 1 October 2019 and 31 March 2020, AU$2 will be donated to Dymocks Children’s Charities.
310mm x 237mm, 176pp, hardback; AU$29.99

The Flag Book (Ages 9-12)

This fact-packed guide takes you around the world, flag by flag, to discover what the colours, patterns and symbols say about each country, its history and its people. (Also available in this series: The Travel Book, The Cities Book, The Animal Book, and The Big Earth Book).
230mm x 305mm, 184pp, hardback; AU$29.99

Seek and Find Cities (Ages 6-8)

Join globetrotters Cat and Bird as they travel the world in this fun-packed search-and-find book. With every turn of the page there’s a new busy city scene to discover – a colourful carnival in Rio, a funfair in Paris, a treasure-filled souk in Morocco. In each place there are souvenirs to find, people to meet and landmarks to visit.
270mm x 230mm, 48pp, paperback; AU$14.99

How Trains Work (Ages 6-8)

From the fastest to the longest, the oldest to the newest, going through tunnels, across bridges and up mountainsides, this book takes you on a fascinating ride through the world of trains. Unfold the pages and lift the flaps to watch a steam train go puffing by, explore a busy railway station, climb aboard an intercity express and much more. (Also available in this series: How Animals Build, How Cities Work, and How Airports Work)
254mm x 275mm, 24pp, hardback; AU$24.99

Hidden Wonders (Ages 9-12)

Packed with natural marvels and man-made oddities, this book is a guide to the planet’s wildest, weirdest places, Discover over 150 extraordinary locations – from glow-worm caves, to creepy-crawly food markets, and hot springs full of monkeys.
240mm x 185mm, 240pp, hardback; AU$29.99

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