A.R. Rahman Collaborates with Historic “We Are the World” Creator Ken Kragen for Global Project on Climate Change

The celebrated composer Ken Kragen who 35 years ago brought us the ‘We Are The World’ has now teamed up with tech entrepreneur Neil Morgan to unite the world to combat climate change with ‘Hands Around The World,’ a global fundraising and technology initiative. The project hopes to help people actively engage with the environmental emergency, raising funds and awareness to curb the irreversible effects of unchecked climate degradation.

The project is lead by two time Academy and multi-grammy winning composer AR Rahman “Slumdog Millionaire” to a recent single and live collaboration with U2 in his native India with internationaly recognized composers Julia Suzanna Sokolowska, Daniel Caesar and Kevin Doucette.

‘Hands Around the World’ kickstarts with an eponymous anthemic song which came together thanks to a “kind letter from legendary music producer Quincy Jones which got circulated earlier this year,” informs Rahman. One by one, musicians from across the world volunteered to lend their support.

Neil Morgan aims to build an incredible legacy using cutting edge augmented reality technology to inspire 1Billion+ people to hold hands around the world in a virtual reality selfie-chain for the benefit of climate change. “As an Australian, I have recently seen the devastating impacts of ravaging fires firsthand this is a positive and fun way to connect people like never before and give our planet a giant hug”

Quote from Professor Todd Crowley Leading Climate Specialist from Florida International University:

“In this time of “social distancing” it’s important to remember the things that connect us all. On Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, let us remember the Earth that we all share. Recently, we have been inundated with news about the pandemic, the healthcare crisis and the economic emergency we face. Let’s turn off the news for a minute and take a look at some good things that have emerged from this unprecedented and difficult situation:

less air and car travel means lowering our carbon footprints, more time at home means connecting to nature with backyard activities like gardening, and less urban commotion means a reignited natural world. Let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by celebrating our connection to each other, to our planet and taking every day one step at a time”

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