Scott Matthews

New single: ‘Wait in the Car’ (Acoustic Radio Edit) out 27th October 2023
Video: Starring Guy Pearce, directed by Damien Hyde
Label: Shedio Records

“Another beautiful piece of work…it feels timeless…existing outside any genre, which is a beautiful thing… absolutely wonderful.” – Ed O’Brien, Radiohead

“And here in a break from these dark times…a moment to move through Scott’s unique landscape of song and sound…compelling and beautiful.” – Robert Plant

“It is not over emphasising things when I say that Scott’s forthcoming album is among the very best records I have worked on in my whole career.” – Miles Showell, Master Engineer, Abbey Road Studios

“No artist I know combines such evocative melodies, poignant lyrics and a truly angelic voice the way Scott does. He is a unique, beautiful singer and composer who floors me any time I listen to him… I’m always amazed by his latest work and Restless Lullabies is no exception. He never repeats himself.” – Guy Pearce


The new Scott Matthews single, Wait in the Car (Acoustic Radio Edit), is the second to be taken from his latest album, Restless Lullabies, in which the Ivor Novello award-winning songwriter has boldly reincarnated the songs of its electronic predecessor, New Skin, with an equally audacious offering of the purist acoustic soundscape that has long been coveted by fans, one of whom being actor, Guy Pearce, who stars in the new video directed by Damien Hyde.

The latest single follows the success of My Selfless Moon, which picked up airplay on BBC Radio 2’s Folk Show and the unwavering support of BBC 6Music’s Guy Garvey and Radcliffe and Maconie.

The song is a testimony of bravery in the face of fear, the portrayal of a life’s potential lost opportunities, an exploration of the paralysing fear of nothing lasting forever. On the inspiration behind the song, Scott explains, ‘I’ve always been drawn to the Robert Frank photo from 1955 ‘U.S. 90, En Route to Del Rio, Texas’. There’s a resonance that conjures a sense of desolation, abandonment, hope for a new beginning, and the pressure that comes with that. All eyes are on you to call the way.’

Robert Frank’s photography was to pave the way for director, Damien Hyde to create a stunningly cinematic representation of Wait in the Car, that would not only bring Matthews’ song to life in the style of an allegorical road movie, but a protagonist who would etch an indelible impression upon the soul of an audience.

The heartachingly poignant performance by Pearce, whose raw and earnest portrayal of Robert, a man burdened by grief and adrift in endless rumination, doubt and vulnerability, is hauntingly beautiful when fused with Matthews’ masterful song writing.

Seeking a way through the obscurity of a life he never planned, Robert carries only mementos of former happiness, tokens of fleeting moments of beauty, and fear of the untrodden path ahead as he is lead on a pilgrimage chosen by fate, where footprints will be erased and a heavy past unable to follow.

On his vision for the video, Hyde explains, ‘The idea was born out of a particular bricolage that has lived in my head for a while, that of Wim Wenders and Robby Mueller road movies and the work of Edward Hopper.

“Add this to Scott’s admiration of the photography of Robert Frank, some core texts on grief from C. S. Lewis; the idiosyncratic Black Country melancholy from myself and co-writer, Ash Price, and you have the framework onto which Guy so elegantly laid out his heart-wrenching performance.”

Pearce says, “Having been a fan of Scott’s since 2006 and a friend since 2012, it’s an absolute honour to finally work together. Being able to share our creativity in this has been very special for me. I find Scott’s songwriting just heavenly and believe he truly is one of the most evocative singers of all time. It’s such a privilege for me to share his world in this way and I thank my friend for the invitation!”

Born from a shared artistic vision, reciprocal respect and sincerity of emotion, the collaboration of three artists, Matthews, Pearce and Hyde, has produced a sonic and visual feat of the purest poetic beauty.

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