This year, the Gympie Muster is introducing the latest music festival technology to enhance the Muster experience by providing over 12,000 festival-goers with high tech RFID wristbands, access to a dedicated Muster app and increased wireless connectivity on site. Not only will this make the Muster experience more ‘user friendly’, but you might also need to whip out your phone for a rare Pokémon Go appearance.

Innovative RFID chip wristbands will be given to each festival patron making the Muster a ‘cashless experience’ with instant access to make quick purchases at any bar or stall at the festival by scanning their wrist. No longer will patrons wait in long drink ticket queues to redeem coupons, instead they’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the festival. The wristbands also eliminate the need to worry about carrying or losing valuables and allow Muster goers to leave their wallets behind. Patrons will be conveniently able to top-up or refund their wristband deposits anytime during festival hours with leftover funds collected upon departure.

“We’re constantly in search of ways to make the Muster experience a little bit more enjoyable for our Muster Mates and bring down the barrier of logistics so everyone can really just enjoy the artists and the atmosphere we create, and not be burdened by drink tickets and all of those bottlenecks.” Muster Executive Director David Gibson said.

A new customised app will also be launched for the first time to enhance the Muster experience by providing a wealth of useful info including: maps, performance schedules, artist profiles and songs, festival news, weather and FAQ’s. Whether you want to get lost at the Muster in a euphoria of musical discovery, plan to see your favourite acts or organise your whole muster experience, the app gives newfound accessibility to choose the perfect Muster adventure.

While this year’s 35th anniversary is nestled in the remotely picturesque Amamoor Creek State Forest, the 12,000 Muster festival patrons will feel right at home, with every convenience including rapid internet connectivity to make planning the best Muster experience easier than ever. Wi-fi vans will visit the site to boost local connections over the weekend for visitors to discover, share and communicate with ease from anywhere in the festival grounds.

The Gympie Music Muster has come a long way since its community roots to bring country and Australian music to new audiences and attract fans from further abroad.

The rising user demand of technological accessibility for convenience and safety at public events is making festivals around the world think more carefully about how to bring technology to life in remote areas, and the Muster is no exception.

With a stunning country music line up and over 300 performances across six stages, fans at this year’s tech-savvy 35th Muster anniversary won’t miss a thing, being able to savour every second of their favourite performances with faster lines, information and communication preparing them for incredible memories and experiences.

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