With trick-or-treating off the table this year, chances are Aussies will be marking Halloween by watching something to evoke a S-C-R-E-E-A-A-M.

On the eve of Halloween, BINGE has revealed Victorians have been watching more horror shows than any other state, and it might just be because they feel they’ve been experiencing a real-life post-apocalyptic series themselves and are in need of a good escape.

Since BINGE launched in May, Victorians have made up a third of all Aussies who are streaming (and screaming) some of the world’s biggest thrillers.

In addition, Victorians have watched more of the global hit The Walking Dead, making up a third of total share (33%), followed by NSW (23%), QLD (23%) and WA (9.5%). It’s also this 10-gruesome-series showstopper that continues to rank as one of the top watched horror series on BINGE and is consistently in the top 5 best performing shows since launch.

Registered Australian psychologist, Frances di Bartomoleo, says: “2020 has been a testing and trying year for many, particularly us down here in Melbourne so I’m not surprised to see that people have been eager to release some built up tension.

“Finding an outlet, whether it’s through screaming to experience trembling feelings, clutching a pillow, or allowing yourself to cry without judgement can be a massive release and outlet for many.“

BINGE has partnered with psychologist Frances Bartomoleo to educate Australians around the benefits of finding ways to ‘let it all out’, whether it’s the spooky season or not.

Bartolomeo continues: “My particular field of focus is in trauma and emotional-work therapy and we’re always looking for new ways for Australians to release their emotions in a healthy, and safe way.”

BINGE Executive Director Alison Hurbert-Burns says: “BINGE is about providing content for whatever mood you’re in, and over the last few months what we’re seeing is an upturn of Australians moving towards streaming horror. Our incredible catalogue of the world’s best shows allows BINGERS to choose what they want – or maybe what they need to watch – whatever mood they’re in!” Ms Hurbert-Burns said.

Halloween is now screaming on BINGE, with viewers are able to watch some of the world’s best horror shows and movies on the ‘Make Me Scream’ BINGE Centre, including The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The Shining, American Horror Story, The Others, Psycho, The Strangers, Insidious, The Exorcist and Carnivale.

Kayo, BINGE’s big brother in sports streaming, has also been supporting mental wellbeing through partnerships with Reach Out, R U OK? and Raise Foundation including support for their community service announcements. These CSA’s provide a range of resources to support Australians through a challenging year.

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