HARDEN THE…F#CK UP! A Book by Felix Economakis

How to be resilient, stop taking things personally and get what you want in life By Felix Economakis.

In times of social and economic uncertainty, we need to be flexible and resilient. Instead we are more sensitive, entitled and complain more than ever.

In Harden the F#ck Up, psychologist Felix Economakis explains how previous generations were tougher, harder-working and coped better with obstacles, and compares their attitudes with our overly sensitive, hand-it-to-me-on-a-platter culture. He proposes that to get what we want, we need to take a dose of our grandparents’ medicine—and harden up.

Beginning with how to accept the sacrifices that are necessary to achieve our goals, and then changing our attitudes accordingly, Economakis offers new ways to think about the challenges we come up against in life. He provides straightforward, honest advice for developing resilience, and practical explanations for applying these principles in the realms of parenting, relationships, the workplace and more.


Felix Economakis is a highly experienced chartered psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner. After working in the UK’s National Health Service for seven years, he set up his own private clinic where he has demonstrated the effectiveness of rapid-change therapy techniques.

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