Hear that Brisbane? It’s the sound of Thunders and they are coming for you!

HIT105 re-boots Black Thunder ‘Dream Team’ – registrations now open!

It’s the thunder that won’t show up on a barometric weather chart but will absolutely stir the hearts of Brisbane people more than any storm can – the return of the iconic BLACK THUNDERS. Yes, after 20 years in the workshop these history-making 4x4s are back, so get ready Brisbane, because cool just hit the streets!

Twenty years ago, HIT105 unleashed four humming, powerfully branded and super cool 4×4’s onto the streets. This made history and uniquely changed the landscape of FM radio in Australia forever, with the rest of the country quick to follow! A Black Thunder memory is etched into hundreds of thousands of memories across this city – it was the traffic alert that sent pulses racing …. the roll of Black Thunders through the streets signalled the arrival of bucket loads of money-can’t-buy experiences, celebrities and stars, super cold Cokes and of course, those drivers!

Now, armed with enough listener memories to crash the station switchboard for weeks, HIT105’s Stav, Abby and Matt have returned to the workshop to take a look under the bonnet. The trailblazing station has dusted off the duco and shined up the alloys, and TODAY (FRIDAY, May 11) rolled out the new Black Thunders, making history once again on the streets of Brisbane, with Stav hosting the very first historic cross from the new Black Thunders back to Abby and Matt in the studio just after 8am!

AND THEY NEED BLACK THUNDER PILOTS! From TODAY (Friday May 11), HIT105 listeners can register to become the coolest people in town – Black Thunder Pilots! Applicants must audition with Stav, Abby and Matt before being handed their Official Black Thunder Pilot’s Licence and hitting the streets.

Recruits will need to possess solid barbecuing skills, know how to manage a crowd and feed biblical-sized numbers, have awesome microphone skills, a perennial smile, love crazy hours and a drivers’ licence. And, they need to bring it all with a callsign Maverick and Goose would approve of!

To be a Black Thunder Driver was a ticket to stardom. It brought prestige, speechlessness, screams and sometimes, star stalking! Often city streets were blocked with cars following a Black Thunder, waiting for it to stop and activate. Spotting Black Thunders would send fans into meltdown. It was like spotting Usain Bolt, or a Kardashian.

With boot up, oozing cold cans of Coke, movie tickets or hot meat pies, and with celebrities and stars in tow, a Black Thunder stop was gold. And if the giveaways ran out, a chat with a B105 Black Thunder Pilot was enough!
Thunder drops would be party to hundreds of listeners and fans at various secret locations, four times every day. AND NOW THEY ARE BACK BRISBANE!



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