Director: Keith Thomas

Cast: Dave Davis, Menashe Lustig, Malky Goldman, Lynn Cohen, Fred Melamed, Ronald Cohen, Nati Rabinowitz, Moshe Lobel, Efraim Miller, Lea Kalisch, Ethan Stone

Produced by J. D. Lifshitz & Raphael Margules of BoulderLight Pictures and Adam Margules

Run time: 88 minutes

Set in brooklyn’s premier Hasidic neighbourhood The Vigil is a bone crunching chiller…

The Vigil follows Yakov, a former Hassid, as he accepts a position as a shomer, hired to ‘sit the vigil’ and watch over the body of a deceased community member. However, it quickly becomes evident that there is something very, very wrong with this job and the film takes a dark turn.

The Vigil is the feature debut of writer and director Keith Thomas primarily known as the novelist behind The Clarity. The Vigil features the upcoming sub-genre of religious horror. Keith Thomas successfully creates a story that is based on Jewish culture and mysticism with strong influences from traditional orthodox horror stories and demonology. The unique story line emphasises the horror impact through interesting discoveries and a constant unsettling feeling developed throughout the film. The story is captivating and brilliantly assembled, with a plot that is interesting and plausible.

Starring in The Vigil include: Dave Davis, Menashe Lustig, Malky Goldman and Lynn Cohen. Dave Davis plays the role of ‘Yakov Ronen’. He developed a character that was extremely intense. His role involved many stressful and dark emotional spaces which translated brilliantly to film and divulged the true nature of his skill as an actor. Menashe Lustig was cast as ‘Reb Shulem’, the rabbi who originally persuaded ‘Yakov’ to take the job. His role was nostalgic and served to set the scene. Malky Goldman who was cast as ‘Sarah’ was suitable for the role and played an important piece of procuring normality throughout the film. Lyn Cohen was formidable in this film. Cast as Mrs. Litvak her role was creepy and chilling, with occasional moments of clarity, only to be distorted by a supernatural essence. Her role was pivotal to the fearfulness of the film and she executed it expertly. Also cast for The Vigil include: Fred Melamed, Ronald Cohen, Nati Rabinowitz, Moshe Lobel, Efraim. Miller, Lea Kalisch and Ethan Stone. Collectively, the cast for The Vigil demonstrated admirable skills in intense emotional sets.

Conclusively, The Vigil is utterly terrifying. It inspires great evil and terror with all the best scare techniques compiled together to create a complete supernatural horror film. Keith Thomas presents a story that is refreshing and imaginative with traditional undertones. The performance of the cast was realistic and captivating, with Dave Davis’s role a standout in the film. The Vigil is not one for the easily frightened and is horrifically good!

In cinemas July 23rd

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