How Chris Hemsworth Has Become A Mainstay In Pop Culture

How Chris Hemsworth has become a mainstay in pop culture

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Chris Hemsworth is now one of the go-to actors in Hollywood, used to please mass audiences of teenage fans. He has recently appeared as the heart-throb in Ghostbusters, and has a third outing as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok set for next year. After spending years on Home and Away as Kim Hyde, Hemsworth got his big break when he was cast as Thor in 2011. Thanks to that role, he has shot to A-List status, and he has a lot to thank the Marvel Franchise for.

Huge Global Franchise
For many people who didn’t know about Thor a few years ago, now when asked to think of the character, the face that will spring to mind is that of Chris Hemsworth. This is due to Marvel’s brilliant ability to promote its characters and films across multiple platforms, and introduce different audiences to the franchise. They do this by plastering the characters all over the place on drinks, food menus, T-shirts, and most notably, games, to a point that they become almost unavoidable.

Playing with Thor’s Hammer Online
Indeed, what better way to smash Thor’s hammer than through a game? Children enjoy the toy, but grown-ups will likely prefer virtual hammers. Take the classic 3D Thor’s Hammer trilogy from 1995 or the more recent Thor’s Thunder slot game. Players can find it as part of bgo’s slot selection, which boasts a wide variety of themes including some based on film characters, from Beowulf to Transformers’ Optimus Prime.
Now, a study by Sandy Chen at the Oregon State University found that the typical slot machine demographic was women aged between 55 and 60 with an annual household income of more than $55,000. This is perhaps not what one would imagine to be the kind of target audience that Marvel films like Thor are geared towards. However, when gamers play the slot game they may enjoy some of the special features that relate to the character, such as the famous Thor’s hammer bonus, a mini-game triggered by landing the hammer on the first reel of an active payline; and it is this experience which could lead players to want to know the character in greater detail through the film or to seek out other Marvel-themed slots.
The Incredible Hulk slot at Real Money Slots Online is another example of how Marvel can promote its characters through different media. The game features a bonus round in which players can smash up cars and helicopters for cash prizes. And there’s also a Captain America slot at Pokies Heaven which uses some of the characters from the hit films as symbols on the reels.
Chris Hemsworth has also done the voice of Thor in the videogame Thor: God of Thunder, which is another way in which different audiences can get to know the character.
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Looking to the Future
It seems as though Hemsworth will be wielding his huge hammer for a while longer as well, as rumours suggest that Marvel plan to make another Avengers film in 2018. After making the role his own, will he end up always being associated with that part, or could the future lead to bigger and better things?
Hemsworth has already proved how versatile he is, with his moving performance as James Hunt in Rush. It would be fair to say that after he finally parts ways with Marvel, there will be plenty more in the pipeline for this exceptional actor.

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