Human-sized bees descend upon the Sydney Royal Easter Show:  It’s all to help save the planet

Human-sized bees will be descending upon the Nectr stand (Home & Lifestyle Pavilion, Hall 2) at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show (8 – 19 April) all in the name of cleaner, greener energy.

Visitors to the Show are being warned to ‘bee’ alert, but not alarmed, by the giant-sized insects…they’re here to help showgoers learn how to to reduce their energy bills, live more sustainably and make a meaningful, positive impact on climate change.

Nectr is one of the newest energy players in Australia, offering 100% carbon-neutral plans as standard and ranked among the top 10 greenest energy retailers in the country, according to Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide.

At this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show, in addition to the bees, the Nectr stand will feature:

1.Educational materials – Tips on saving energy at home, what being ‘carbon neutral’ really means, how households – and the planet – can benefit from cleaner, greener energy.

2 Kitchen and Living areas – Interactive spaces where visitors can learn about how much energy household appliances consume and how to become more energy efficient.

3 Kid’s Retreat – Kids will take flight in a Bee Simulator PlayStation game while also learning about the environmental role of bees.

Already heralded as a leading installer of solar panels in Australia, Nectr is committed to supporting Australian households choose greener, affordable energy solutions that suit their lifestyle.

Nectr Chief Marketing Officer, Karren Challoner-Miles, encourages those thinking about switching energy providers to visit the Nectr stand at the Royal Easter Show to find out how to become more energy-efficient and make a positive difference to the environment.

“We know that many Australians are unhappy with their current energy provider but may be unsure how to find the best deal to suit their household energy usage,” said Karren. “We are looking forward to talking to Show visitors this year about their individual energy needs, and different solutions to reduce their energy bills and household carbon emissions.”

A special focus for Nectr at this year’s show will be their special Home Battery AddOn promotion, which allows customers to save $1,200 off the total battery cost.

“Solar power is great, but when the sun goes down, households with rooftop solar units need to pull power from the electricity grid. This really can hit the household hip pocket,” said Karren. “With a Home Battery AddOn, customers can store the energy that their solar panels produce, using it whenever they need it most. This helps avoid peak rates, and brings down the cost of energy bills.”

Nectr’s tips for household energy saving:

Lighting: Switch to LED lightbulbs, take advantage of natural sunlight by opening blinds and shutters instead of turning on the lights, get into the habit of turning off lights when you leave a room.

Heating & Cooling: Adjust the temperature on your air conditioning to 24 degrees Celsius, use fans if you have them, upgrade your insulation and draught stoppers to prevent warm or cool air from escaping, only heat/cool rooms in use, use a heavier doona/blanket at night-time – turn the heat off!

Appliances: Turn appliances off at the switch rather than leaving them in ‘standby’ mode, choose appliances with high energy star ratings, make sure the refrigerator is well sealed – it can be one of the costliest appliances in a household!

Washing: Only wash when you have a full load, choose a cooler temperature wash cycle, switch the washing machine off when not in use, where possible, use the power of the sun to dry your clothes rather than a dryer.

Water: Set a time limit for showers (use a timer if you need to).

Energy provider: Do your research and look for an energy provider that offers plans that best suit your energy needs. If you have an interest in minimising the human impact on the environment, choose a 100% carbon-neutral energy plan – With Nectr 100% carbon neutral plans, Nectr covers the costs on behalf of the customer to reduce carbon emission as much as possible and then invest in projects that reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere.

Nectr has Climate Active certification, GreenPower accreditation and is ranked in the top 10 of Australia’s greenest energy retailers in Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide. The Australian retailer is one of few retailers to offer both 100% carbon neutral and 100% GreenPower plans.

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