Talk About It

Triple J Unearthed has TIA ‘a Melbourne powerhouse with her mind-blowing vocal chops, with comparisons to pop icons like Bishop Briggs and Dua Lipa.’ The emerging Australian music artist has just released her fourth single, Talk About It, a thoroughly sophisticated RnB pop track with a captivating vocal performance at the helm belting out an infectious tune that has something substantial to say. The track will undoubtedly propel the gifted 17-year-old singer-songwriter into the next level of her career. Utilising her passion for music nurtured from a young age and her recent touring experience with Tones and I as part of her backing choir, TIA has written what amounts to an ode to soul searching via the process of communication. The song is ostensibly about reaching out, and TIA’s vocal reinforces that notion; from the intimacy of the low register to the swirling highs of the pre-chorus, Talk About It is not only a memorable slice of RnB pop but a finely calibrated one also.

A moving chord sequence introduces the verses creating the right foundation from which the song can intensify. The pre-chorus sections are not as simplified but contain strong melodic cores and enough variance in texture and rhythmic accompaniment to contrast with the chorus. The track really takes off with the chorus and its combination of supercharged beats, lush vocal layers, and sensual pad sounds, all contributing to a potent mix. As she says about her ambitions, ‘I want my lyrics to be thought provoking, I always want there to be a deeper meaning.’ That deeper meaning is apparent here. Although music in the pop realm is not necessarily synonymous with exploring complex issues, any attempt to push against the norm is commendable. The desire to heal, to engage is evident with Talk About It. As TIA says, ‘I want the audience to feel something when they listen to my music.’ And feel they will. Talk About It will undoubtedly attract attention across all streaming platforms and radio playlists.

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