HUSH HUSH BIZ ALBUM REVIEW Revelation of Oneness

& The Det-n-ators International
Revelation of Oneness

The hotly anticipated album by Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International has just been released, and if this collection of tracks doesn’t get you moving, nothing will. The new release follows the uniformly positive response to their recent single releases, including My Sunshine, Smiling Face of Australia, and Revelation of Oneness. Fronted by Ras Banamungu, the highly revered musician, professional laughter therapist, experienced entertainer, and musical mastermind, the multi-award-winning group is set to add yet another accolade to their ever-growing list, which includes the 2020 Artistic Vision award for exceptional talent of the year, originality, and vision in the field of music, and the 2020 X-POZE-ING Music Award for Best Reggae Music Video, for My Sunshine.

Written and produced by Ras Banamungu, engineered, and recorded by Andrew Wright at Forest Studio Perth Western Australia, and mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering New York USA, Revelation of Oneness is a marvellous assortment of infectious grooves, hooky tunes and irresistible joy. Ras calls the album, ‘An invitation to all the musical community to discover a deeper connection with one’s emotions, and bring together individuals, whilst on their separate journeys, together into a shared place of happiness and healing, whilst enjoying a new perspective of their present lives in style.’ The album also acts as Ras’s well-designed music teaching package that offers a system of musical and syllable sound association that’s capable of bringing relief to every stressful situation. As Ras says, ‘This new album will be of significant interest to musicians and musical people, both professional and amateur.’ Whether it’s the band’s previous hits or the more recent additions to their set, the new album is brimming with undeniable high-level musicianship and energy.

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