Hush hush Biz  Music Review How to Be You

How To Be You

As Anirban Jee continues his ascent in the Australian R&B pop scene, his influence becomes increasingly unignorable. For anyone needing an update on his career, it’s been a crescendo of accolades and milestones. A lauded appearance in the top 10 at the 2014 Australian Songwriting Awards, a first-place triumph in the Contemporary Pop/Dance category at the 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest for his captivating cut, Undecided, and international acclaim with Deep Down clinching the number one rank in the 2017 Australian Songwriting Awards. Fast forward to 2022, and Will Above My Wish carves out a finalist slot in the UK Songwriting Contest. In short, Anirban Jee’s been too busy writing his success story to notice any potential detractors. Yet, it’s his recent offering, How To Be You, that warrants a spotlight of its own. This isn’t just another tune to hum along to; it’s an R&B pop manifesto, infused with the lush timbres of modern funk and soul. From the production desk of Steve Peach—Sydney’s multi-platinum sonic alchemist—emerges a musical composition that’s as intricate as it is immediate. The track masterfully positions Anirban’s mellifluous vocals at its nucleus, fortified by an ensemble of arresting grooves and spirited melodic arcs. It’s not just the music that resonates; it’s the narrative behind the lyrics. Anirban Jee lays it out as a tribute to those unsung heroes—teachers, mentors, coaches—who catalyse our personal and professional evolution.

It’s this thematic gravitas that transforms the track from an audial delight to an emotional expedition, reverberating with anyone who’s ever been mentored or aspired to greater things. Commercial success? It seems not just probable but inevitable. Anirban’s previous tracks have all garnered support across influential platforms—ranging from COLES RADIO and MOOD MEDIA IN-STORE to STINGRAY IN-STORE and FLOW FM NETWORK, and even securing airtime on ABC LOCAL. The new release marks a pivotal chapter in Anirban Jee’s blossoming career, reinforcing the belief that he’s not just another musician, but an artist poised for global acclaim.

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