Drifting Away

Brisbane-based emerging Australian music artist Tayiha continues to impress with her latest single, Drifting Away. The new one is the follow-up to her hit from earlier this year, Not Feeling This, a track that generated significant interest on radio and streaming platforms. The singer-songwriter’s new offering is a step in a slightly new direction. The new sound is multi-layered yet ballad-like, and the lyric is a refined look at the changes that invariably occur in life.

The melodies are sweet and memorable, tinged with melancholy, yet it’s a kind of blueness which also feels cathartic. As Tayiha says about her latest track, ‘Drifting Away is a song about the evident shifts within your life as you continue to hold onto something that you don’t want to be affected by change.’ Drawing inspiration from such legends as Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, and Ellie Goulding, Tayiha became a finalist in the 2021 Queensland Music Awards for her track No Happy Ending, written and recorded when she was just fourteen. The lyric reflects a sense of resignation, yet it is not a brooding kind but has a sense of openness. The production also reflects this, preserving the intimacy by utilising minimal instrumentation and creating a gentle and expansive sonic backdrop within that framework. Dynamics play an integral role, too, as it gradually builds, merging muted pads, light percussive elements, and various vocal effects, establishing a dream-like background in which Tayiha’s narrative is brought to the fore. Part of what makes the lyric relatable is the exploration of the acceptance of change, a rich subject for a song and one that pertains to every one of us. With several single releases behind her and solid support from a range of streaming, radio, and media networks, including MTV, STINGRAY IN STORE, SUPER NETWORKS GRAFTON 1047FM, IT GIRL MAGAZINE, Drifting Away is sure to add more accolades to Tayiha’s blossoming career.

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