Perth based music artist Trent-Jean is steadily accumulating accolades, including debut single Manchester By The Sea, achieving ‘Runner-Up’ status in the 2020 Unsigned Only Song Competition in the category AAA (Adult Album Alternative)’, as well as featuring in the #WhyWontYouDanceWithMe Project, which he launched during the 2020 lockdown—garnering a diverse and global team of dancers promoting unity, empowerment, and expression, the video attracting extensive media coverage and amassing over 1 million hits. Other notable awards include B4IDie, selected as a winner in the Unsigned Only ‘Win Some Love’ Songwriting Promotion and DISC0VR, a current finalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition in the ‘Rock’ Category. After three singles exploring a myriad of styles and genres, including dance-pop (Manchester by the Sea), stadium rock (B4IDie) and guitar electronica (ILLUSIONS 09), Trent-Jean is back with one of the most adventurous records of his output so far. HIGH3R is a dense and blistering blend of contemporary pop-rock meets psychedelic swagger and utilises old school analogue firepower to distinguish a bold and thick rock sound. HIGH3R is another significant release for the self-taught, genre-bending multi-instrumentalist. As Trent-Jean says about the latest track, ‘HIGH3R is driven from love, desire and rising above adversities in life. It spawned as a love song four years ago, but during the production stage at the close of 2021 – my Dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

It (HIGH3R) then shifted gears in my motivation, that being to incite the energy of having to rise above challenges faced in this lifetime.’ Taken from the forthcoming debut EP, #DEATHIS4L’ILLUSION, HIGH3R rises above mere pop song to become an impressive addition to Trent-Jean’s releases. As he says about what he hopes to achieve with his music, ‘I want to create a unique and powerful body of work – which incites a grand positive impact on the world around us.’

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