HUSH HUSH BIZ REVIEW………. Jimmy (feat. Jay McNeill)

Jimmy (feat. Jay McNeill)

Once in a while, a track comes along that seems to capture a particular flavour that feels local and familiar yet has a broad-brush freshness. Robyn Payne’s new single Jimmy is one such record. The latest release is a collaboration between Casey Pilcher and Robyn Payne and features the vocals of Jay McNeill. The song is a mainstream pop-rock song but one that harnesses a few different genres including, rock, pop, and a touch of country. The track features a big chorus hook, a highly engaging and relatable lyric, and skilled musical performances to create an easily digestible, exciting indie-rock experience. The song is a biographical story as much it is an example of contemporary Australian rock music at its most memorable. The song is also a character study, with the storytelling nature of Jimmy bringing to life the personal and uniting it with the universal. We all know, or have known, someone like Jimmy; the song’s incisive exploration responds to this in an endearing and affecting way. As Casey Pilcher, lyric author, and co-writer, says about Jimmy, ‘The new track is essentially a song about one’s idol, which might represent one’s hopes and dreams. In this case, it’s a male talking about a male idol, or perhaps, a role model.

Or in general, someone who has something, or is something, you might aspire to or want. That type of representation of feeling is also present in other well-known songs, e.g. Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl. I think many people often see something in other people’s lives that they would wish to emulate. Whether they feel strongly jealous or not or being able to accept the situation as being simply what it is.’ Robyn Payne’s new release will undoubtedly resonate with many and prove to be one of the noteworthy smash hits of 2021.

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