Phil Edwards Band
Just Go

Phil Edwards, Adrian Ashdown, Timothy Williams, and LJ are the four musicians who make up the Phil Edwards Band. The group has performed throughout Australia and New Zealand for over twelve years, sharing stages with the John Butler Trio, Tahuna Breaks, Thomas Oliver, LAB and many more. With multiple releases and headlining shows lined up, 2023 promises to be a big one for the band and the new single Just Go is just one of the reasons. With releases dating back to 2017, the band has generated a lot of interest on a global scale, on all streaming platforms, at a live performance level and through various radio networks. As the new song unfolds, it unveils a captivating groove that immediately sets the tone, immersing listeners in its essence. The shuffle qualities embedded within the composition serve as an instrumental foundation, establishing the track’s distinctive mood from the outset.

The production is a testament to refinement, characterized by an impeccable balance and a seamless cohesion of musical elements. The tastefully crafted, clean guitar parts gracefully intertwine, adding a melodic depth that resonates throughout the sonic landscape. Supported by a dynamic rhythm section, the song’s rhythmic foundation propels the listener forward, providing an irresistible momentum. Yet, Phil’s resonating vocal performance truly takes centre stage, infusing the lyrics with an unparalleled sense of intimacy. His delivery weaves a compelling narrative, elevating the song’s emotional weight and inviting a profound connection between the artist and the audience.

The new song exemplifies the artistry and craftsmanship that define the Phil Edwards Band’s musical journey in this mesmerising blend of musical prowess and lyrical depth. With each note and every carefully chosen phrase, it leaves an indelible impression, immersing listeners in a world where every nuance carries meaning. Be prepared for a deeply affecting experience as you immerse yourself in the emotionally charged depths of this contemporary folk-rock track.

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