HUSH HUSH BIZ SINGLE REVIEW….. Live Life feat. Josh Arnold

Live Life feat. Josh Arnold

The new release for Perth-based music artist DJ Scott-e is a super catchy dance-pop track with an inspiring message and a joyous spirit. The in-demand DJ/ producer has drawn on events in his life and come up with a passionate slice of contemporary EDM. Featuring Josh Arnold, winner of the Golden Guitar Award at the Australian Country Music Awards, on vocals, the new track follows a long list of previous releases that have generated impressive streaming numbers. When doctors told him, he would never work again after a major car crash and a workplace hearing accident, DJ Scott-e turned to the reaffirming power of music-making. ‘I had to go back and learn everything again’, says DJ Scott-e about this life-changing event. Whilst recovering and working on his health, Scott-e forgot just about everything he had learnt. Still, once he delved back into producing, the side effects of the hearing accident were actually a benefit to music production. When asked about the new track’s beginnings, DJ Scott-e says, ‘Live Life was written off the back of some adversities that lead me to a very dark place. During this period, I reflected on what I really enjoyed in life, and that was that young, carefree beach/sunset vibe. I kept telling myself that I’ve gotta live life and not let this darkness overtake me.’ Along with his production work which includes weekly mashups for radio, TV commercial appearances, and remixes for major artists like Samantha Fox, Quench, David Sterry (Real Life), Ultra Sun and more, Scott-e performs around 150 DJ gigs per year, ranging in crowd sizes from fifty to thousands and audiences of every conceivable demographic. It’s obvious that DJ Scott-e wrote this new single off the back of adversity, and the feel-good, uplifting vibe that Live Life exudes should see the track take off globally.

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