HUSH HUSH BIZ SINGLE REVIEW …..Love You Right feat. Jaki Nelson

Love You Right feat. Jaki Nelson

In today’s music scene, overflowing with one-hit wonders, the pairing of Geoff Sturre and Jaki Nelson arrives like a cool breeze, seamlessly merging the nostalgia of yesteryears with today’s cutting-edge sounds. The ‘90s aficionados will recall the pulsating rhythms of Love You Right, a song that carved its place on the Aria Top 40. Now, this timeless track undergoes a transformative reimagining, courtesy of the adept Geoff Sturre. The resultant sound is fresh yet respectful of its lineage, with fiery rap sequences and Nelson’s mesmerizing vocals elevating it to modern-day prominence. But it’s not just about revamping a classic. Jaki Nelson’s voice, harmonizing with the beats, is a force unto itself. With a streaming count soaring beyond 80 million and a host of honours under her belt, including notable positions on the Billboard Chart and a series of Apple Music top spots, Nelson’s prowess is evident. Her sonic influence, bolstered by endorsements from music stalwarts like Nicole Sherzinger and Afrojack, has resonated even on TV soundtracks, most notably on Love Island. Onstage, she has illuminated events alongside stars like Kehlani, marking her presence from NY Fashion Week to San Francisco Pride. Down under, Geoff Sturre’s legacy in the dance domain is unparalleled.

His DJ journey, touching iconic spots from The Warehouse to Dakota, and extending to Melbourne’s vibrant hubs like The Crown, narrates a tale of dance evolution. His leadership of the pioneering ‘90s imprint, Pro DJ International, positioned him at the heart of the dance revolution, promoting talents of the likes of DJ Bobo. Even in this digital era, Geoff remains a force. His re-envisioned Jackie, along with a series of chart-dominating tracks and a massively popular YouTube remix, epitomizes an artist in constant evolution, yet firmly anchored to his roots. The chemistry between Sturre’s polished DJ artistry and Nelson’s electrifying vocal chords paints a vivid picture of the future of dance anthems: grounded, forward-thinking, and irresistibly enthralling.

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