Once more, the undulating currents of The Dreadful Tides surge forth, this time
responding to the siren call of the accelerator with their latest blazing creation, Rebel. The
composition’s amalgamation captures a paradoxical charm, marrying the unrefined
audacity of classic rock with a contemporary sheen that demands attention. Unfurling its
melody, it extends an irresistible invitation, akin to an open highway’s beckoning.
Embedded deep within the folds of your mind, the infectious choruses take root, while a
scorching guitar solo propels its message across the sonic expanse with an urgency that
commands notice. These seasoned navigators of musical waters need no introduction to
the charts, having previously clinched an impressive No. 2 slot in 2021 with their earworm
Crazy. Their sonic waves have washed upon distant shores, permeating the airwaves with
remarkable reach—earning them a coveted spot on the Rebel FM playlist. It’s an equation
of simplicity: for those with an appetite for rock anthems that imprint themselves in
memory, The Dreadful Tides’ Rebel might swiftly become an enduring fixation. Originally
envisioned as the quintessential road trip companion, Rebel encapsulates the invigorating
essence of a Saturday morning tailor-made for cruising.

Its genesis harks back to a harmonious partnership with their debut marvel Crazy, a track conceived to ignite the
stage at Melbourne’s illustrious Whole Lotta Love bar. But over time, this composition has
undergone its own metamorphosis. Guided by the deft hand of producer Ricki Rae, Rebel
found its pulse in the expansive embrace of 2022, its engines ever ready, eagerly awaiting
the opportune juncture to unveil its blazing entry onto the stage. The collective synergy of
the ensemble shines—Holden Stirling’s commanding vocal presence, Justin Strudwick’s
guitar virtuosity, Wes Hopkins’ rhythmic bedrock on bass, and Leland Hallett’s resounding
percussive cadence—all of these components establish The Dreadful Tides not as simple
arrivals but as dynamic detonations onto the scene. Their initiation was akin to an
explosion, rapidly propelling them through the echelons of Australia’s rock pantheon. In
summation, The Dreadful Tides beckon as the ultimate destination for those in pursuit of
rock narratives that both challenge and stir the soul. Buckle up for a ride that embraces the
unpredictable; it’s sure to be an exhilarating journey.

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