& The Det-n-ators International

Ras Banamungu is a highly acclaimed musician, professional laughter therapist, experienced entertainer, and musical mastermind from the multi-award-winning group Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International.

The band now celebrate the release of another peace and love focused track, Revelation of Oneness, undoubtedly adding to their reputation as a unique presence on the global music stage. After a series of career-defining singles, including My Sunshine and Smiling Face of Australia, the Western Australia based music artist’s new track is all heart and soul, spiritual awareness, and unashamed positivity. Having won the prestigious Akademia award and Poze productions award for best album and EP with I am Messenjah and Let’s Make our Business Forgiveness, the celebrated Rastafarian was also awarded for his heart-stopping live performance at the Coast to Coast awards in Melbourne 2019.

Adding to his growing list of achievements are some recent accolades; the 2020 Artistic Vision award for exceptional talent of the year, originality, and vision in the field of music, and the 2020 X-POZE-ING Music Award for Best Reggae Music Video, for My Sunshine. Revelation of Oneness is taken from the forthcoming new album Ras Banamugu believes will help guide healing in the community.

As he has said about the new collection of songs, ‘This album is an invitation to all the musical community to discover a deeper connection with one’s emotions, and bring together individuals, whilst on their separate journeys, together into a common place of happiness and healing, whilst enjoying a new perspective of their present lives in style.’ Written and produced by Ras Banamungu, engineered, and recorded by Andrew Wright at Forest Studio Perth Western Australia, and mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering New York USA, Revelation of Oneness is a joyously persuasive reggae, roots, blues, and Afrobeat smash and as rewarding and unifying a piece of music as you’ll ever need to hear.

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