HUSH HUSH BIZ SINGLE REVIEW …Shakalaka-Doo Experience

& The Det-n-ators International
Shakalaka-Doo Experience

Western Australian band Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International follow the 2021 release of the album Revelation of Oneness and the singles, the album’s title track and Hallelu Jah, with a new track Shakalaka-Doo Experience. Blending heightened rock and blues energy with Afro roots creates an enticing mixture that is surprising, evocative, and startlingly fresh. The power of the new track comes from the almost carnivalesque nature of the core elements, the melodic hooks, the rhythms, the instrumentation, set against an overdriven musical undertow, with the bass and guitar playing a central role in adopting a heavier, more forceful kind of work. Ras’s voice is as crucial as ever to the band’s unique approach and accessibility.

Combined with this version of the band’s nuanced style, it helps create an entertaining track and an intriguing interpretation of traditional roots-based World Music. The song begins with an introductory motif that features a typical rousing call-out that anticipates the energy to come, before segueing into a recurring jaunty kind of riff, leading into the chorus. The chorus then smoothly fuses into the verses, revealing a robust melodic link and the track’s dynamics, which are consistent throughout.
Led by Ras Banamungu, the highly acclaimed musician, professional laughter therapist, experienced entertainer, and maestro, Shakalaka-Doo Experience reveals the broad spectrum of the band’s sound, songwriting style and agile musical skills, exploring a rich palette with ease, conviction, and a sense of fun. Perhaps the most striking about this new release is this sense of joy and abandon, even when the sonic backdrop utilises a rockier than usual pathway. The new release builds upon Ras’s growing list of achievements which include the 2020 Artistic Vision award for exceptional talent of the year, originality, and vision in the field of music, the 2020 X-POZE-ING Music Award for Best Reggae Music Video, for My Sunshine and a series of hit tracks that have attracted substantial streaming numbers and across the board radio play.

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