Summer Sun

Fanfickk’s self-produced debut track, Shreds (2016), marked the start of her musical career brought on by mistakenly bragging to someone that she was working on an EP when she wasn’t. This white lie was the catalyst for more tracks, and the subsequent release of her debut EP Stay Shy. Multiple collaborations, singles, remixes, and another EP followed, with several songs attracting radio play, indie chart placements, and a much-coveted Spotify editorial playlisting. Fanfickk’s new release Summer Sun is the follow-up to her 2021 track, Everything’s On Fire. The German-born Australian artist is the quintessential DIY indie music creator, writing, recording, and producing irreverent pop songs, emo ambient music, and filming and editing her videos. Summer Sun is a languid little pop gem, with subtle hooks threaded through a maze of an ethereal undergrowth like sonic tendrils. As Fanfickk says about Summer Sun, ‘It’s an ambiguous love song, but it’s definitely a love song.’ And a love song like no other. Featuring Fanfickk’s restrained idiosyncratic vocal performance set against an opaque, dreamy backdrop, Summer Sun’s rhythmic pulse reflects the track’s narrative—a tale of mysterious, obscure love. ‘It was inspired by my friends, my cat, and a picture of someone in a garden with flowers.

You could interpret it as romantic or aromantic.’ A clean guitar part amid a backdrop of voice and synth textures introduces the song, ushering in the chorus, an irresistible pop hook that segues smoothly into the verses and the pre-chorus, sections that are equally effective as the chorus. Fanfickk cleverly uses experimental rhythmic elements—pitched-down drum loops, effected percussive sounds—with quite a salient series of melodies, creating an alluring juxtaposition. As Fanfickk says about her influences, ‘My German roots and West Auckland (New Zealand) upbringing means that I have an affinity for goth, metal, and industrial music. I’m sure that creeps into my creations.’ Despite the track’s experimental tendencies, Summer Sun is a satisfyingly accessible song and sure to endear many to Fanfickk’s brand of genre-bending pop.

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