Up And Coming

With his most recent offering, Up And Coming, Australian music maestro Nicholas Brown unveils a dazzling homage to the iconic 80s era, masterfully intertwining the electrifying vitality of Italo Disco and Hi-NRG dance music. This brilliant fusion awakens a sense of nostalgia, captivating listeners with its innovative synthesis of distinct styles that defined the music landscape of a generation. The multi-faceted musician, actor, and singer-songwriter skilfully channels the essence of renowned acts such as Dead or Alive and Bananarama while incorporating the whimsicality of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Simultaneously echoing the spirit of Wham, Giorgio Moroder, and Kylie Minogue’s iconic Stock/Aitken/Waterman collaborations, Up And Coming transports listeners to a bygone era of sonic bliss. As Nicholas eloquently states, ‘Up And Coming is a song for frustrated ambitious people. It’s about striving for something greater than yourself and celebrating that journey rather than being overwhelmed by it.’ Co-written with bandmate Justin Gagnon in North Hollywood amidst career frustrations, Nicholas’ journey took him from playing a Bollywood villain alongside Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan to a Wesley Snipes action film that was ultimately cancelled due to Snipes’ arrest.

Conflicting advice from his manager about body image and getting ‘Hollywood ready’ only fuelled Nicholas’ discontent, culminating in the creation of Up And Coming. Although the production of Up And Coming is deeply rooted in the 80s, it gracefully surpasses its origins, tackling modern-day concerns with striking poignancy and resonance. Nicholas aspires for listeners to connect with the heartfelt lyrics, allowing the music to evoke a transformative shift in their emotional state, ultimately prompting them to dance first and ponder the deeper meaning later.

Up And Coming radiates an undeniable blend of memorable hooks, authentic emotions, and spirited enthusiasm, delivering a revitalized interpretation of a cherished musical period, all while underpinned by an unapologetically fervent passion.

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