The Boss Hoss

The BossHoss

Fasten your seatbelts as The BossHoss takes us on another high-octane musical ride with their new single, YOU, featuring the captivating Dutch country-pop phenomenon Ilse DeLange. YOU is a genre-bending country rock tour-de-force punctuated with vibrant pop nuances, compelling vocal performances, ceaseless energy, and infectious hooks that linger long after the final note. Over their commendable thirteen-year run, The BossHoss has built a noteworthy legacy on the international music stage. With over 2 million albums sold worldwide and nine chart-dominating albums, the band’s discography is a testament to their relentless ambition and undeniable talent. Each of their releases has consistently secured gold and platinum certifications, and they’ve become familiar faces in the German album charts’ Top 5. Their last two albums not only eclipsed their competition, but also claimed the coveted #1 spot on the German charts, with Liberty Of Action alone racking up sales of over 500,000 copies. The BossHoss’s extraordinary achievements haven’t gone unnoticed, as they were awarded the prestigious ECHO award for Best National Band in the Rock/Pop category, an accolade that is to Germany what the Grammy is to the United States. The BossHoss has earned its stripes as one of Germany’s top-tier live acts, having performed at over 1,500 live shows since 2005 across 23 countries. Now, this vibrant septet from Berlin is back in the saddle, ready to unleash its electrified country rock sound with its tenth studio album, Electric Horsemen. Fans have awaited this release for five long years since their chart-topping 2018 album Black Is Beautiful, and they’re about to be richly rewarded.

In Electric Horsemen, Alec ‘Boss Burns’ Völkel and Sascha ‘Hoss Power’ Vollmer stay true to their signature high-voltage sound while introducing a refreshing twist. The 12-track album is a dynamic fusion of styles, melding the glitz of Las Vegas, the irresistible groove of Studio 54, and their traditional country-rock roots. With the release of YOU, The BossHoss is ready to ignite the global charts and set streaming services on fire. Their undeniable talent and unparalleled energy remind us why they remain a musical force to be reckoned with.

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